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I've got a shipment of bare yarn coming! Moana colorways will be restocked with the September 2nd shop update! 😀
So so yummy! Chickpea gyros!
"Who is Kameck," you ask? Kameck is that laid back dude you see strumming around the bonfire. He's got front row tickets at the music festival, but he's chillin' in the grass seats just to hang out with us!
The farmer's market was awesome!
We're off to the local farmer's market today! I'm excited to support our community and know that I'm feeding my family healthy, in season foods that are grown locally. We might not find peaches here, but you can find some ...
Maybe we're not getting enough sleep; but every time we close our eyes, we're seeing gorgeous colors or thinking loopy thoughts! What can we do to stop the Nightmares and Daydreams? Yoga? Scream into a pillow? Jump into a cold ...
This pink is so perfect it's hard to let go of 💖.
Shop update is live!!!
"I 💗 YARN" decal stickers with every order today!!!
I'm in love with all the bright colors that will be in today's shop update at 12 noon CST!
No way should these two EVER be used together 😉
Getting ready for a shop update tomorrow!!! Worsted, super bulky and a few sparkly singles are coming your way! We're shooting for 12 noon central time.
How cute is this decal from @TwillyandStars?! Every order from will have one included...until I run out of them 😉
Looking for something a bit simpler to show off that detailed pattern you've been wanting to cast on? Close to Heaven and Coral would both be excellent choices 😉
I still have a couple Speak Your Mind mini sets available! 😉
Remember that perfect pink I mentioned yesterday?! This new colorway will be in the next shop update on August 5th 😁
A couple years ago I knit these socks with Bali Love 💙. It's still one of my all time favorite colorways and its ready to ship now!
Happy Sunday! Check out all the bright bold colors at! Use coupon code INSTA15 for 15% off your purchase 😃.
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When you successfully dye that perfect shade of pink that you've been trying to achieve for YEARS!
#flaxsweater #knitting while some kiddos swim and the other gets a haircut. I adore this #juicyfruit colorway!
We are super enjoying our vacation in the north woods of Wisconsin. Here are just a few of the highlights :). Remember, you still get free shipping through Saturday with coupon code VACATION 😁
Car #knitting #ftw ! I can't wait to get to the next color on this #sofaded sweater. It's going to be so cool. I think I'll dye more of this #notjustblackandwhite when I get home
I'll be away from KnitMona headquarters for a week. Since shipping will take longer than normal, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING while I'm away! Just enter coupon code VACATION at checkout 😁.
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I was tagged by @happyhookerwithsticks for #widn . I'm packing for a week long vacation! Do you think 4 sweater projects is enough? 😂
I'm so excited! Tomorrow morning we leave for our annual family vacation! We're heading up to the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin for a week. I've been taking this vacation every year since I was 7 yrs old. It's an ...
My #seaturtle in action! 💜
Pair your favorite colorway with the perfect progress keeper! So many options!
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We're working on getting these #adorable #progresskeepers listed today!
My little army of owls is ready to be glazed!

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