Linus Wecksell | @limponeee

Out drinking with the gang 😎
Travelling home from Dreamhack, not as a winner this time but that's alright.
Photo from the prize ceremony, I will always cherish the people & memories given to me from being a part of the GamerZ competition. ❤
We won! This means so much 😢
Im officially a full member of the blue team at GamerZ 😎😎
Had a good weekend with my friends. #cocacola #hollywood 😂
Winners of AwakeLAN! 😊
Night out with the crew 😎
Dinner with Kevve and Barken 😊😋
Happy New Years everyone ❤🌟
Hope you had a nice christmas 🎄 Time to prepare for the new year 😎 Photo credit to mama' Wecksell
We've now signed our contracts and can announce we will represent Playing Ducks under 2017! Let's do this! 😄
Picture from the BYOC victory at #dreamhack I play'd with my friends from 😎
We win the Crowns CS:GO challange at Inferno Online as Homesent! Proud of ma boiis ❤
Another picture from #eswc in Paris 😆 Time flies, soon enough it's christmas 😮
Picture of me from #eswc
Good Times ahead... Stay tuned ;)
Sleeping with music in your headset seems like a good idea til' u wake up.
Saturday Morning ☉😎
#tbt to my long hair & visiting Shrew 😎🔫 @gabriel_gessle
Hair game is back 😜🔫
Hype 😱🙈

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