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henlo~ im back
a moment of silence for all the things I have to do but am not doing..
stuck between "fxck it" & "what if"
it's so fluffyyyy
I am...AWAKE
the fries are not mine
Infinite's new song tho ;^;
sleepy af
can't wait for my Semester Break :')
i eat bread right after I finish this LMAOOO
hello short hair c:
"I still search for you in crowds,
in empty fields & soaring clouds.
in city lights & passing cars,
on winding roads & wishing stars." - Lang Leav, Lullabies
editing this for the 1st time lol

as a college student, my fav words are "free" & "cancelled".
throwback photo. too bad I didn't bought this shirt :(
we've made it to the last page of the book, page 365 of 365 of 2017 🎉
it's the best day of liiiifee~ ♡ 31st Dec 2017 ♡ it's already 12am here & wishing you all a Happy New Year!! goodbye 2017 ;;;
me @ night: ok im gonna wake up at 6am, do 40 mins of uninterrupted cardio, drink a liter of water, make an organic artisan style breakfast, meditate about my goals & then go about a productive day
me the ...
old pic when I have my short hair.

for those who celebrate Christmas, hope y'all enjoy your holidays, get your presents & have fun spent time with your family & friends :)
in love with my new necklace ♡
people have to pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about all of the messed up things they did to you. so don't apologize for sticking up for yourself. don't feel bad for defending your feelings against ...
just came back! wifi connection problem is sucks..
I stayed at the hotel like 3 days ago & that's the reason why ive been inactive.
waddup it's ya girl, Zee~
all my friends are already asleep & im just here still awake :')
when your cat doesn't want to take a pic...
1st post ♡

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