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100 kitsune pins coming soon. 😭 I ordered hard enamel this time so hopefully they will be better quality. Should be here this week.
Post offices are closed tomorrow so can't mail until Tuesday. Gonna try staying on top of ...
More!! Decided not to do any inner shading today. Listing these now
Got home late after training so I am only putting up 2 ears at 10pm eastern time. I'll try to put up more at midnight πŸ€”
Listing and stocking these now (10pm eastern time). Finally a bigger release! Also the clear tags i put on ears are coming the mail tomorrow so I can finally mail out more stuff
These two will be available at 10pm eastern time. Left is 2.5" kitten shape and right is fox kit shape. They can be used for wolves, foxes, puppies, kittens, etc
Sorry for the wet paint in some of these. Posting now!
Teeny 10pm eastern time release. Got like green fur so hmmm. Today will probably be another one of those days when I post ears at random times to the website. I DO post about it on IG stories as I ...
Finally shipped some more stuff today. Thanks for being patient with then slower processing time these last two-three weeks. I am actually in the gym even more now because of a new type of training 😭. Plus just other life ...
Only two for now. Maybe more later πŸ€”
Slowly uploading these.
Three dwarf bunny, one 2" kitten/wolf, two fox kit, 3 wolf/large kitten
Preview of tonight's release. They are all small kitten ears but can be used for wolves or puppies. I'll try to make some bunny, fox, and wolf ears later. Just a reminder that I usually don't read comments. Occasionally I ...
Surprise lmao gonna post these right now (it's 12:06 am eastern time)
Teeny preview of the items to be released at 10pm eastern time πŸ˜πŸ’•
Thanks everyone for entering the contest! I love seeing the posts -- they can be kind of funny with the combo of food and emoji. Anyways preview of tonight's 10pm release πŸ€”all bows are on clips
Posting bows only tonight. Scroll for rules and prize info about new giveaway πŸ’• thanks for the support!!
Miscounted how many headbands I had left so I am only putting these up for now at 10pm eastern time. I was able to work on the couple of customs I have and prep ears. πŸ€” tomorrow I'll make some ...
Gonna list these now... kind of just for whoever is awake right now or for whatever time zone this benefits. It's 4:33am eastern time btw! Listing them one by one as soon as I post this
Only posting 3 ears for tonight's 10pm eastern time release!
Posting these starting now. Please be patient. More custom slots will be posted on Sunday at 2 pm. Travis informed me that he actually posted the time on the website long ago too. Please don't harass him about customs or ...
Customs slots were posted at 2pm today. We forgot to announce it on IG I think but we had at least a dozen people emailing and asking about time so plenty people knew. They sold immediately, so thank you guys ...
IM LATE SORRY! Making listings now
Posting these now ~
Will be stocked at 10pm eastern time
Two #kitsunemask bows πŸ€” gonna be making a cat mold soon (not for sale)
Listing and stocking these now!
Also, thanks to everyone who wished me luck on my meet. ☺
For those who know about powerlifting:
I competed in the 47kg weight class and weighed in at 46.6kg or 102.8lbs.
My best squat was 95kg or 209.4lbs.
My ...
Slowly posting these now πŸ™ˆ
Stocking these as I post them right now πŸ€”
Stocking these now
Slowly putting these up and stocking them as I go! Internet keeps cutting out
Oh yeah here are drawings I did this weekend of two of my friends πŸ€” I forgot I said I would post more kemonomimi art here lmao. Sorry for spamming my friendos with tags on these drawings but ... yeah... πŸ˜‚

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