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Dirty 30 and I feel good!
Thank you for the birthday wishes and to all my friends that celebrated with me yesterday!!ILY TO DEAthFFFFFF!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️
Photography @juliakuzmenko
Model @jocelynnickel
Hair @thebraidsfactory
Makeup #lora_arellano
Missing my babyyyyyyy ohhhhhhhh 😬😜 This @morphebrushes 35F palette completes me + @meltcosmetics "Nood" lipstick
Lashes "siren" @houseoflashes ❤️
#morphe #meltcosmetics #houseoflashes
Cannes France w/ @badgalriri ♥️ @chopard
from yesterday 😍
Glam moment 🙌🏼
@yusefhairnyc @naphiisbeautifulhair @melzy917
@jennynails #lora_arellano
One more from yesterday because 😍😍
Cannes France @badgalriri + @chopard
Dream team
@yusefhairnyc @naphiisbeautifulhair @dennisleupold @jennynails #lora_arellano
Beauty ❤️
Cannes France w. @badgalriri & @chopard
Congrats to my favorite humans on getting hitched what a memorable weekend !
I love you guys forever
@marissaalfe @johnny_vampotna
#datdressdoe #meowiedinmexico
Sip sip 🦇💦
Wish u were here♥️
Dark matter eyes @meltcosmetics & iconic lash by @houseoflashes
Butt naked liquid lipstick by @feralcosmetics
I'm still addicted to this color and formula 😬

@bumblebeemgee gave me two toned hairs . 😬
If someone else calls me Cruella , I'm ...
Sigue tu corazonnnnn!
Beauty ♥️ Model @jocelynnickel
Photography @juliakuzmenko
Hair @thebraidsfactory
Makeup #lora_arellano

#meltcosmetics #meltgoldore
Los quiero con todo mi corachonnnn!!!! 🙌🏼❤️🐱 Lipstick @katvondbeauty everlasting liquid lipstick "miss Argentina "
Shadows @sugarpill feline fancy palette
Met Gala 🥀🌺♥️
Morning ☀️
I do this so I can parallel park better too😂🙊
Covered in Gold Ore! @meltcosmetics Digital Dust Highlighters are out now!
Special bundle price and special shipper when you buy all 3! (While supplies last)

Photo by @juliakuzmenko ♥️♥️
LOVE YOU!!!! #meltcosmetics
Sent the @meltcosmetics Digital Dust Highlighters to my babe @mismanufactured & her man @boatercycle made the best review video ive seen yet!!! Hahahhaha 😜😂💛
Aren't boyfriends the best ?! #meltcosmetics #meltdigitaldust
Errrrthang is cuter with a puppy in it 💛
Lips & shadows @meltcosmetics
Bomber @regimegirls @civilregime
Lipstick Empire!!! Stage13.com❤️💛💚💙💜
Lab dazeeee ⚗️🔬
So glamorous 😲
Cos life is ..☀️🌊♥️
I'm alive ☀️🐱
#meltsummer @meltcosmetics
Feelings aside 🇲🇽♥️
Got dat brown skin on lockkk
🇲🇽 ♥️
Hair flip doeee😍😍 @bambiton @stacy_cakes23
Gloww ✨
Using @meltcosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter in "Gold Ore"
Lips #meltcosmetics liquid lipstick 😱
When you work with yo chachister and you gotta be profeshhhh😜
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@jazmar1 @lora_arellano
Digital Dust Highlight in GOLD ORE!
Wanna see her?
Check her out on @meltcosmetics IG @ 8pm!
This is my FAV out of the 3 for my mexicana skinnnnn🤗🤗🤗
Can't wait to show her to you guys!! #meltcosmetics #meltgoldore #comingsoon

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