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When you make him tag along when you go shopping😜
So happy I got to see my babe in San Jose😊🍒 @dianakimmay
Always in a good mood after @laseraway 🍒
People don't notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing them.
📸: @danielryanlee
I suck at diets
What's your favorite smoothie?😋
Thank you @drlee90210 @annetteshon_np for the painless #vivace facial😊 I decided to try it out to help reduce the acne on my forehead and cheeks. I will be posting a video soon on my experience👍
My dream would be to become vegetarian one day....but I love sushi too much
Favorite beach i've ever been to🌺
I just want to get lost in paradise🌊
Promise Ring❤️ #cartier
Caught the sunset on a dinner cruise for my last night in Hawaii😊🌺 thank you for all your birthday wishes my loves❤️
finally 22🤗🌺
chocolate locks by @superbasic.stylist 💕 #antisocialsocialclub
lost myself trying to find you..🌊
Most beautiful sunset ever😭😍 #hawaii #waikikibeach
messy hair🙃 off to Waikiki 🌊 just finished snorkeling in Shark's Cove this morning, there were so many fishys🐠
Sunsets in North Shore are so beautiful😊
Thank you for all your suggestions👌 i'm off to try the shrimp trucks!!😘😋 will be posting my Hawaii adventure on my Snapchat🌺 📷: @danielryanlee
Hawaii has the best food ever👍 Any food suggestions while i'm here? (North Shore area) 🤗
Vacation mode🍒
Just landed in Hawaii🌺 5 more days until i'm 22😊
Look of the day❤️
Simple makeup👌 can't wait to go to Hawaii next week for my birthday, one of my most favorite places❤️
never having to shave thanks to @laseraway 💕👌
Brunch food is my favorite😊

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