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Chasing light. #πŸŒ…
Been up from dusk till dawn for the past few days cos the painkillers ain't doing their job. Guess this sky makes it kinda worth it?
Monday's blues overstayed its welcome. #πŸ”΅
Kidnapped her home for the weekend #🐢
Finally made it above it all 🌲🌳🌴
Coffee runs.
Today I was a spectator of my po-po's passing.
I watched on as life gets sucked out of her.
Nothing ever prepares you for this moment.
The moment of peacefulness, mixed with sadness and heart aches.
Every beep and blip ...
That awareness that the people she loves are more temporal, somehow, than others, that she has borrowed them, and that someday they will be reclaimed from her... "Don't go." #alittlelife
Any fresher you'd have to squeeze (or ground) it yourself πŸ’πŸΌ
When you try your best but you don't succeed... πŸ˜† well that was how I felt at the walls today too. #roughhandsdontcare #boulder
Weekends are meant for chilling πŸ€—
Random night outs are, more often than not, the best kind of night outs πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
Fairylights blend πŸ’πŸΌβ˜•οΈ Their iced latte's fab too.
Too much analysis = paralysis.
Don't resist // live.
There isn't a single moment that made me fall in love with Hokkaido. It's just the littlest things like this for example, catching sight of the shadow of our car cruising towards Mt Yotei in Niseko as the sun was ...
Damn legit orh kuey teng 😍
Werk werk werk werk werk πŸ’πŸΌ #backto30degreeweather
Oyasumi Sapporo. Sayonara Hokkaido.
I am obsessed with this suuuuuper creamy ice cream with its suuuuuper thin and fragrant biscuit cone. Obsessed.
Almost through our Omakase at Picchu... and we haven't stopped wow-ing at every dish. Pictured is a Hokkaido hairy crab sausage with a bisque-like sauce(?). Crab meat is packed compactly in a lightly charred outer casing that's almost crunchy. Damn. ...
I think I might have a new career goal - a childcare teacher in Japan. #socuteicannoteven
Ordered a sushi and got a performance instead #🍣 #nagoyatei #ikura
Morning at the shrine #🌸
Today is a day worth commemorating, for I have walked out of an outlet mall empty handed. OUTLET. EMPTY HANDED. This has never ever happened before. I usually have to be dragged out by friends, or get chased out because ...
And this was dinner. Totally balling our way through Sapporo today. Had not one, but two snow crabs cos @secretssky was like, AIYA ALREADY HERE, WHY NOT ORDER ONE MORE! So yeah, one grilled and one boiled snow crab for ...
This was breakfast. We were told that the scallops were 'caught' the very morning. Sadly, without the vinegared rice, this dish was MEH despite all my favourites piling atop. And I was also annoyed at how I was surrounded by ...
Will this doll house be mine... if I manage to squeeze into it? 😬 #gopro #goprohero5 #goprophotography #goproπŸ“· #goprohero5black #sapporo
Issit Charlie and the chocolate factory?! Where's the glass elevator?! #gopro #goprohero5 #goprophotography #goproπŸ“· #goprohero5black #sapporo
🌹🌻🌷 πŸ™πŸ”¨ 🌷🌹🌻 #gopro #goprohero5 #goprophotography #goproπŸ“· #goprohero5black #sapporo

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