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Myra Bracelet
This bracelet features pink ethically collated tridacna shell beads and a brass leaf charm on a waz cord
Approx Measurements:7.5"
Materials: Pink tridacna bead, parafin wax string & mixed metal leaf charm
Colors: Pink and bronze
Empowered by ...
Gretchen Necklace
Co-Founder Gretchen has worked in Haiti for over a decade. This piece is named after her and her dedication to Hairi's people. It features earthen clay beads and micro pulled paper beads
Approx Measurements: 18"
Materials: Paper micro ...
A lot of these companies use your hardworking money to buy drugs, fancy cars and big houses some even pay the employees under minimum wage. But with Trades of Hope we are striving to end poverty To save women from ...
Don't you just love big totes? I know I do. The Anjoli Tote empowered by the Artisans in Bangladesh is one of our most popular items. It is also one of many new products in our New Summer Line.
Approx ...
Voyager Journal
This leather journal features an intercrate cover design ,black pages ,and a beautiful latch
Approx Measurements: 9" x 5"
Materials: Leather (goat)
Colors: Reddish Brown (shades may vary)
Empowered by Artisans in India
You can get this ...
Mandala Greeting Cards
This set of 10 handcrafted cards features a beautiful mandala design in varying colors.
Empowered by Artisans in India
Approx Measurements: 4" x 6"
Materials: Paper with screenprint (non-toxic,leadfree color)
Colors:Blue,cilopper,red,green,magenta &chestnut
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Renew Soap Set
This set of 100% natural soaps includes one Neem-Orange with orange zest and one Lavender Coconut with coconut flakes. The Lavender Coconut comes in a jute bag, and Neem Orange is personalized with a fingerprint of the ...
Wearing my Silver Luna Necklace
Empowered by Artisans in Kenya
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I am wearing the Silver Luna Necklace. Empowered by Artisans in Kenya. This hamdmade ,hammered metal half moon pendant hamgs on an adjustable cord.
Approx Measurements: 9" to 13.5" adjustable
Materials: Silver plated copper sheeet, Silver plated copper wire ,& ...
Shown in the picture is the Truth Earrings
Empowered by Artisans in the Philippines
Approx Measurements: 1.5" x1"
Materials: Capiz shell and silver color plated metal
Colors: White and silver
Next is the Unity Necklace
Empowered by Artisans in Haiti
These Artisans now have opportunity to be International designers in Bangladesh. The totes they are holding is called Anjoli Tote
Approx Measurements:18"x 17" with 10" straps
Materials: Cotton canvas and jute
Colors: Cream and navy
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This young lady is from Guatemala and one of our Artisans. She making the Elena Bracelet.
Named after the talented artisans who designed this bracelet, this piece features glass beads woven into a comfortable, flexible cuff.
Approx Measurements: 6.5" x ...
Indu Tassel Necklace
On this versatile necklace hangs a removable tassel!
Approx Measurements:30", 2" extender and 3" tassel
Materials:Silver color plated mixed metal
Colors: Silver
Made by Empowered Artisans in India
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Faith Bracelet
Handmade by Artisans from Haiti
This bracelet features beads of earthen clay from Haiti's mountains and upcycled cereal box beads on an elastic cord.
Approx Measurements: 3"
Materials: Paper, clay, & glass
Colors: Earth tones, powder blue & ...
This beautiful woman is from India and happen to be one of the Artisans that made these gorgeous Chandra Earrings.
These hoop-like earrings hold fast to crystals of moonstone
Approx Measurements: 2"
Materials: Mixed metal,golden color plated metal,and moonstone
Colors: ...
Rivers Necklace
Approx Measurements: 16"
Materials: paper and glass
Colors: blue,green,grey and bronze
This statement piece features approximately 160 hand-rolled paper beads, displaying hues of blue and grey accents of bronze glass beads.
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Sundara Home Decor
Candle holding Set
India Artisans handmade
You can use this beauty in the kitchen as a utensil holder or put it on your office desk and use it as a pen holder. Maybe on your dinner table ...
I love big purses. How bout you? This beauty is called the Anjoli Tote. One of our NEW Summer Collection 2017. Made in Bangladesh. Link in bio.
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The Honor Bracelet would make a great mother's day gift. We have great gift ideas for under 30 dollars. Click link in bio.
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There is still time to get the Spring Gift Set which comes in a beautiful golden and white washed wooden box. The set includes The Harper Necklace from Thailand, The Warrior Cuff from India, and the NEW capiz Grace Earrings ...
The Gretchen Necklace. Help me to help support the Hati people by purchasing this beautiful necklace. Click link in bio. #support #empowerment #summergoodies #hati #creatingjobs #providingincome #womenbosses #endingproverty #entrepreneurs
Need gift ideas? I got the solution. #gifts #jewelry #givinglove

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