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Long walk through the 100 acre woods @ the IMA. Maybe this'll help baby make an appearance πŸ™„
Due date is today! Baby made me think she was coming early this morning but it was a false alarm. 😬 kinda disappointed as we were all set to go to the hospital. Ready when you are baby! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
4 days away from my due date and I just put the finishing touches on the nursery, thanks to that last (I swear) Land of Nod package that arrived today. Unicorns and bunnies abound in baby's first room. πŸ°πŸ¦„ She ...
No time for it
Just goofin
When you have a bestie that plans your shower all the way from Seattle. Lucky me ☺️
Shower details! This is a very special cake indeed. Seth ordered it for me all the way from Momofuku in New York! Our favorite bakery. It was so good. The macarons were also amazing. Shout out to @bjorkbots amazing homemade ...
The best people came together and threw me the best baby shower ever! πŸ¦„β€οΈπŸŒΈπŸŒˆπŸ€°πŸ»
Indy resists 🌈 πŸ’œ happy pride!
Canal summer walk
Frosty boi. Milkshakes and $2 hamburgers were had. About as small town as you can get.
We visited the Hoosiers Gym, as in the gym they filmed the movie Hoosiers, all pretty much kept the same from the film. Seth's parents are huge fans of the film, so after meeting me the first time I must ...
Mounds State park. Preserved Native American burial/ceremonial sites. That at one point around the early 1900's they built an amusement park around, whoops.
Nursery wallpaper up! The peel and stick application wasn't an enormous pain at all! πŸ™ƒ Totally worth it I love how it turned out. I just feel so lucky that I get to put together a nursery, that this is ...
Sunday mornin
Thank you @beeteeth for freshenin' up my workspace. πŸ–€β˜ οΈ
I've never owned a real painting before and am in love with our moon painting from @havochendricks. You actually need to see it in person for the detail and texture. And it goes perfectly with our paint color. 🌚🌚🌚
Morning Doggo β˜€οΈ
Bedroom is just about complete! I'd like to get a nice big wooden bed frame and some new bedside tables, but that will have to wait. We keep changing our mind on what we want for our open floor plan ...
Pho lunch w B.B.E and he sure knows how to HAM
Ordered in my first baby clothes and I'm literally dying at this next level cuteness. Oh we are having a baby girl btw. Not gonna lie I was really hoping for a girl. Now how do I not spend my ...
Back from our trip and exhausted. We packed a lot into a pretty short trip. It feels good to be off my feet and have a bathroom within 10 feet at all times. Not sure if I'd do such an ...
More of da sites. I have no interest in going on the London Eye but it makes a nice pic.
Seeing some of da sites. Nice corner of Big Ben
Cloud ice cream!! 🍦🍬☁️☁️☁️
❀️ exploring with this boo
And the whole reason for this long day: Stonehenge. I have been fascinated with this place since seeing the photos of my parents here in the early 90's, and hearing my dad talk about the mysticism and mystery of the ...
Another shot from Lacock, which is where they shot parts of HP Deathly Hallows!
Queens guard at Windsor Castle. I have mostly been using my camera and I keep forgetting to take iPhone pics so I snabbed this one from Seth. Windsor was gorgeous but again, very rushed.
It's soooo cute here in Lacock. 😍 I'm really enjoying the English countryside. But the tour we're on is pretty rushed, so I'm really only experiencing it at a glance. Just makes me want to come back and see more.

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