MAKOBI JEANS USA | @makobi.usa

which one to cope? Left or Right? 🔥🔥🔥 visit the makobi website to check out.
Left or right? 👀🔥
**commin soon**
sneak peak for a new season. Up to 6xb
buku money on burgundy
balck is back @makobi.usa
black and gold in this peice #newarrivals up to 6xb.
some new new website in caption
new shirt out! Khakid out
starting the year in red, #royalty #makobijeans
come choose one.
thank you @sheis_el for the awesome submission. You definitely go on the feed.
blood runs navy
the boss @officialdomsantana knows best. 🔥🔥 times
blacked out on #prestos
next week is big #makobijeans
Black and Gray, #shadowplay

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