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Remember that time absolutely no one was like, you should be a swimsuit model. Just have a chimichanga and meet me by the pool. 🌝
@nuggetstudio and I made some tiny anniversary treats 🎀
I love this guy the mostest 💜💛💚 #happyanniversary @nuggetstudio
My sister's getting married 😭😭😭💜
Our baby #pomegranate tree's first and only fruit!
When I trim my hair I like to make a little ball of the clippings #justwitchythings
Unicorn Crystal Night Light, 2 Flavors. 2017.
I love my house ☺️ 💚💙❤️💖
Found this cute pink #mantis beauty 💫 #prayingmantis #insectsofig
L👀K at this good boy doing his dance!!! 💃🏻 @ariannelena
Honestly the best and most suspenseful movie. #kipandchocoforever
Keepin it real from 81 til.
Sweetest crybaby. He's trying to convince me that he can't get onto the bed by himself.
17 or 70? Just try to guess my golldarn age tonight!!
I ❤️ having a #roomba
Updating the bedroom curio cabinet, these gems are going into storage ✨🎞#vintage #vintagephotography #vintagecamera
Amazing installation about Home.
This piece is punch-in-the-gut beautiful.
SO good. A model of the unabomber's cabin painted in seasonal Martha Stewart colors
Can't wait to dig in at @azlavegan !!
So many babes in these bands 😍 Waxahatchee, Cayetana and Snail Mail. I can't wait to see my niece's bands in a few years! @thistimewecantlose thanks again @1500rosa for the ticket!
Baby's first meme
3" of crispy delicious #chapulín @themoderndreamer
Nerds on vacation ✌🏼

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