Mike Scarcella | @mikescarcella

Old School. 2018. Plain donut on paper. Private collection.
Scarcella, Mike. “No. 6.” 2018. Maple and bacon on paper. Private collection.
“Pink Ghost” (Donut on paper, 2018)
NPR galaxy
Brooklyn rain
Glazed Plate (2018). Medium: doughnut on paper.
Weekend snicker-doodling.
Oreo Plate (Artist: Mike Scarcella, 2017. Medium: Oreo cookie on a paper plate.)
Doughnut America. (Mike Scarcella, 2017). Medium: Doughnut on paper plate.
Doughnut on plate (Mike Scarcella / 2017). Medium: Doughnut on paper plate.
Riding the circuit #sf
Noe Valley #sf
Hmm. They don't look ripe.
My best #eclipse shot. Good capture of the corona. Surprised at how rocky the moon appeared. Almost cartoony.
#moon filter #eclipse don't squint too hard. you're not missing anything here.

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