Motiv8d Millionaire | @motiv8d_millionaire

A DREAM is the starting point!
Strength from experience!
Practice patience!
Mistakes are inevitable!
Know when to push the limits!
Do what you desire!
Positivity is key!
Time is the more valuable asset!
Stay hungry my friends!
People will want to see you fail. Prove them wrong.
Just because they have given on their dreams don't let them talk you out of achieving yours!
You have to work for it!
Hard work is required!
You only have a limited amount of days. Make them count!
Turn your problems into your success!
Stop making excuses!
Failure is your foundation!
Keep going against all odds. Prove them wrong!
Always move forward!
Work towards your goals!
Do it Now before Now becomes Never!
Never give up on your dreams!
You are your biggest competition!
FOCUS on one thing in order to be great!
Mistakes are proof your trying!
Remember why you started!
If you don't believe in yourself no one will!

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