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day dreaming back to @mindygayerdesign’s incredible napa project ✨
today’s to-dos: caffeine, unload boxes, organize. baby steps, but at least now we can walk through the house without tripping. mostly.
feeling grateful amidst lots of change. north bay, here we come! ✨
transporting myself here (in my mind.) deep into packing and now remembering why i dislike it so much, but #purging
someone is over packing
the only corner that isn’t a total mess. starting to pack for our move. will love being in a new place—the packing and moving part, not so much. skunk courtesy of stets. 🖤
this little lady spent the weekend soaking in the sun right here. jealous.
toured some houses today and immediately fell in love with this one... but our cruiser may be too big for the garage 😩 💔 (more pics in stories)
the washington coast never disappoints, regardless of what the state park’s name may say. good for the soul to have gone home
laid up sick in bed today but still happy we got out to the beach yesterday. (more in stories.)
love to be home 💚
favorite hotel pit stop on our drives from california to washington
take us back 🙏. best way to celebrate stets' birthday last weekend! @autocamp
my big, little almost four-year-old. 💘#ministets
a simple christmas card design i did (available on @minted) but thought the verse was appropriate for today! #thankful
miss having this amazing bouquet in my house. thinking i need to make fresh flowers a priority. also i loved it so much i turned it into a wedding invitation submission on minted haha.
we don't watch much tv but when we do it's usually nature documentaries, so stets was in heaven at the california academy of sciences this weekend. such an amazing experience watching your child explore and grow. also, now i'm set ...
pro tip: throwing marshmallows at your child models causing powdered sugar to go everywhere is a big hit. swipe 👉for behind the camera. #workingatminted
@cotogna_sf lunch to wish the ever so talented @__nicoled well! more mouthwatering goodness in my stories! @hanfliessolo @heatherlwlee
my favorite little courtyard in the neighborhood
what bathroom vanity dreams are made of. #latergram
an oldie but goodie when the team pulled this room together. love when i get to be in the studio to watch the magic ✨
woke up thinking about reveille's avocado toast. who does that?! at least now i know my lunch plans.
i know, i know. it's not even halloween, but guys, we've been working on holiday for monthssss. this winter-inspired art shoot is too pretty not to share.
me: hey heather, can you create a rad bouquet for me? like today? @helloflowersshop: sure! it'll be ready in just a bit. me: 🙀😻 it's so good!
sometimes i get to scout and work with ridiculously cute kiddos and they are hilarious. i wish this photo had audio! new apparel coming to little mint and @minted. #workingatminted
going to try to be better about sharing some behind the scenes iphone shots of my days! (let me know if there is anything you want to see, too!) this sweet kids' room set was for the recent launch of ...
these two! 💓it's amazing how different life can turn out than our plans and expectations. we imagined a big, active family by this age, but here we are with a single child and a husband battling debilitating chronic pain. even ...
it's been a doozy of a few days, but ended it here so 🙌

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