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Melted Peeps ☁️
This is coming back! It’s hEavanlY😍 this is gonna be iN SATURDAYS RESTOCK AT 6pm EST! HYPEEEEE! One of my fav slimes ever! It’s so thick and creamy and Ugh I jUst lOve it! Smells like marshmallows! ...
One of my moms passions is the art of lettering and bujo! She would love if you guys could check out this account she made! @loveslettersandbujos
Making More Sliem
Simpson’s donut 🍩
YuM😍 This is a two layered slime! A pink and a white layer on top! It’s topped with fake sprinkles as well! it’s a butter slime so is super creamy and spreadable! It does not perfectly resemble ...
Pink Lemonade 🍋
People were loving this from the last restock soooo it’s coming back! It has an amazing smell😍 reminds me of lemon popsicles! Has a super crunchy initial layer too! WhooooS hYpe for sAturday? tibblefam:367.6k
Strawberry short cake-pops 🍰
This is in next saturday’s restock!! HyPe! it smells sweet and delicious! Inspired by strawberry short cake pops🤙🏻🍓 yea, it’s a thing😍 this slime feels amazing! tibblefam:363.4k
What’s your favorite cake flavor? ...
Did not have somthin to post so here is another if the post from yesterday 😂 thought this was satisfying🤤 Yum 😋 also, I luv what marisa did with the drawing contest so if you guys ever wanted to draw ...
Candy Crush🍭 (changed the name due to popular suggestions!)
Comes with a lollipop charm! I will post that later😘 so umm still debating on what this slime name should if you have a better name that has to do ...
Pink Lemonade 🍋
Lmao ignore all the talking in the background and that piece of slime on my hand.😂 My brothers friend keeps coming over and that nEVEr stop screaming (HELP) so that’s what the noises are from. Anywho, This ...
Blue razz-berry clouds ☁️
Thank you for a wonderful restock on saturday!😘😘 my next restock is on the 20th! (restocks are every 2 weeks) packaging rn🤙🏻💝This video was inspired by a @nutellaslimey video!😝 tibblefam: 356.5k
What’s ...
Tropical Sherbet cloud slime🏝 🍦
This is in TOMORROWS restock at 6pm EST!!!! see last post for restock list!😋 I did not take the slime out because I did not want to mix the gorgeous colors! If you buy this ...
Orange Creamsicle Slushee🍊
🤤 So crunchy😍 This iS IN TOMORROWS RESTOCK AT 6pm EST!!! YEYYWWGWEENSNAJAJ HYPE. Restock list will be posted in an hour or so!😛 Anywho, This slime is soooo noice! Only the og followers will recall seeing this! ...
Bubbly Margarita 🍸
RESTOCK IS TOMORROW AT 6pm EST😍hYpE. This is in tomorrows restock! It’s a much more green color irl. sparkly and crunchy! Looks like margarita bubbles and smells like it to🤤 WHos GEttIn reaDy fOr rEsTock?? 💝 tibblefam:349k
Strawberry Cream Soda 🍓🥤
This is in saturday’s restock! YEEEEE SO HYPE FOR THE RESTOCK YAYAYA! This smells so good just like cream soda🤤😍 It’s so sizzly and crunchy! The first 20 people who order this will receive the strawberry ...
Pink lemonade 🍋 🥤
This is in saturday’s restock...HYPEEEE. first off, this smeLLS SO GOOD😍 it has a crispie initial layer and is so cute and thick🤙🏻🤤 Love this! fc:346.6k
pink lemonade or lemonade?
Green Apple Chunks 🍏
This is in saturdays restock...GET HYPE😝 This is a jelly cube! (BTW, these are not mr.clean or whatever sponges😂 These are SAFE! NOT TOXIC, NO BLEACH! so don’t worry) Anyways, The cubes are so squishhhy😍 Looks ...
Melted Peeps 😋 (Peeps as in the marshmallow😂)
GUYS SATURDAYS RESTOCK IN GONNA BE AMAZING...AND HUGE....GET READDDDDTYY!!!!! This is melted peeps! definitely a new favorite 😍😍😍 It’s so thick and creamy and so so holdable! not to mention, the scent ...
🎊❤️ #slimeresolutions2018 MEGA 32 Account Giveaway!!🎊❤️
2️⃣ Two winners will receive a custom made slime (4-8oz) from ALL 32 of these accounts ⬇️
(Prizes valued at $500!🤑):
1. @snoopslimes
2. @raindropslime
3.(peachybbies is not in it anymore due to ...
It’s MY BIRTHDAY....and also HAPPYYYY new year😋 tibblefam:338.7k
Slime rewind 2017🔄
This year was wild! Even the cheesy video (😂) does not do justice to how much 2017 affected me and others!❤️ This year brought so much creativity in a new, fun, and interesting community! I’ve had so ...
Tibbles Cereal 🥣 🐸
This is in the january 6th restock! Tibbles eats his cereal every day! If you are purchasing tibbles on the 6th you have to get his cereal too! It has mini marshmallows and blueberry + Banana ...
Iced Cinnamon Rolls 🍽 Only the Og followers will remember this!🙌🏻 Bringing this slime back from what feels like forever ago😂 This will be in the January 6th restock! It’s so creamy and smells just like iced cinnamon rolls🤤 Mouthwatering😍 ...
Making slime 🤙🏻 This is a post from a lil bit ago because i’m still on vacation and don’t have many pre filmed videos 😂 Song is havana if you happen to not know it...I swear it’s swarming the world😮 ...
As you can tell i’m very slime deprived🤧 So I was poking the pool water😂 I took a video of it and edited it and whhhalaah...i’m cured of my slime deprivation........jk give slime pls. tibblefam:327.4k
Winter Fantasy ❄️ This was in my last restock but it’s bubbly in this video so that’s why it’s not clear😂 fc:326.1k
Clear or white glue slime?
Bubble Bath Cutting 🐣 This is a video from a while ago because i’m on vacation🙌🏻 fc:236k
What did you do today?😋
This is a pressing of the fairy duo! this is a post from a while ago because i’m on vacation and don’t have many posts😂 enjoy the squish🤙🏻 fc: 324.5k
Btw this week tibbles won’t be on the vids ...
Another Vid of unicorn Hot chocolate😍 Smells wonderful! On vacation rn and the weather is so nice jsjzisjzjajjzjz🙌🏻fc:323.7k
Unicorn or pegasus?
Just arrived at my vacation destination after a long flight😆 I have a few pre filmed videos to post but I will be active on my story😘 for now, enjoy this clear babe :) fc:323k
If you could live ...

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