Nickolas Graham | @nickolasgraham

Bethany bought me a knife a couple of years ago after we went through something really difficult. Engraved on the side were the words “be brave and true”. I’m not really one for gender stereotypes, but this is my manly ...
"Wooow" - Owen Wilson
Throwback to smoky days on the lake with some of my favourite people. @ejb_2394
Van hang with @jasonlarsson
Deep Cove Kayaking
Deep Cove 🐙
Say hello to 4 new nutritionists 👋🏼
Love this group! This year would not have been the same without you two. The first three to arrive at school and we became the three most unlikely trio. #threemusketeers
Exam week mood. #getem
Its been an insane year. I can't believe on Friday I head into my final board exam to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. It's not been easy, and I don't feel 100% prepared for my final, but I'm grateful that ...
When in Portland...
👋🏼 Victoria. Off to Port Angeles and then Portland for a wedding.
We are serious about @ferniebrewingco #gradreunion2007
Miss these cuties
Cowichan wineries with one of my oldest buddies #literally
She's cute. Except when she eats my pretzels.
Canada day vibes 👌🏼
No clue what was going on here. But I DO know that I have the best sibling on the planet. Had such a great time exploring the Okanagan, getting way too much sun and buying our weight in wine. @meghanunger
Kindred spirits. We like naps, kale and Bethany is our favorite person. 😍😻
This guy 👌🏼
Pre-game fuel. Wineries today!
T-minus 24 hours until some concentrated, overdue, sibling fun in Penticton. Wineries, farmers markets, nice restaurants and beach days. ALL MY FAVES 👍🏼

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