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My kickstand sensor went out yesterday so it said the kickstand was down when it was up and it was up when it was down. Apparently there was a recall on it so taking it in tomorrow to get fixed ...
3018 Miles later and our vacation to North Carolina comes to a close. We got to witness two friends get married and start their new life together, stay in a 3bd Townhouse, meet the rest of Nichole's family and explore ...
What better place to have a playground than a church graveyard from the 1750s
New Bern NC
My amazing girlfriend is helping me weld. Definitely following all the welding safety rules. #welding #homemade #welder #weldporn #girlfriend #goals #couplegoals
No road is ever closed on a scrambler.. #closedroad #ducati #scrambler #ducatiscrambler #bike #2wheels #motorcycle #dufuckincati
When we took the motorcycle down Route66 and went to Pops in Arcadia. Lucky to have this beautiful woman with me. #motoaminook
@diwd_official is doing a giveaway 10 prizes including a brand new motorcycle. Make sure you enter, all you got to do is subscribe and share.(watch whole video and listen to the rules) @diwd_official #doitwithdan
When you want to show your appreciation on #wcw but you got to find a picture that she's not going to hate... Lol
Oh man. My Explorer is so Kleen. Noone touch it... Douche
Can't wait to get my Ducati Scrambler parts from @evotechperformance hopefully they arrive Friday.
Went to Lake Stanley Draper for some photo opportunities. @scramblerducati #scrambler #ducati #scramblerducati #motolife
Well.... Went out to the shop and got productive. Added 2 Giraffes, 2 SeaTurtles, 2 Crabs, 4 Top-hatted SnowMen and a BadAss Cannon to my collection. #weldporn #homemade #scrapart #igotburned #forsale #welder #animals
About to have to make a fuck ton more of these....
MotoAminoOK Impromtu Lawton meet over the weekend was a success. Thanks for the invite.
She keeps on caring even though when I'm an asshole. That's why I love her. #wcw
Had a great 4th of July spending all of it with you. I hope you have a great day and I love you. #wcw
When the pizza isnt good anymore....
Now those are some amazing sky's.. even if it's going to be raining on my ride home.
Anybody tired? Free mattress in the street..
This beautiful young lady got her braces off recently. so sad to see them go but so happy they're gone. I love you hope your day is going great. #wcw
MotoAminoOK June 17 Tulsa meet. Had alot of fun. Maybe next time no-one will hurt their bike...
--FOR SALE--. 5,500 OBO
Like new barely driven.
Well, well, well. What do I have here..
This beautiful girl all muscular and working out is the love of my life. Even though she's making me look fatterr and fatter #wcw
#motoaminook Stillwater meet.

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