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it's not a very good day so far..
i guess that's okay..
or maybe just lay on the sidewalk for awhile.
im tempted to take a walk.
make it stop.
my head hurts really bad.
i made myself sad aha again
but i can't take your breath away, or be the one that's saves the day cause i'll rub your feet but i'm not your slave.
the only reason i haven't got up to puke is bc ik i'll feel better right after i do and i don't deserve to feel good. i deserve the feeling of being sick. i deserve so much more.
i want to feel beautiful..
i need you.
the only upside to being sick is all the weight i lose.
please stay.
i always take showers so hot they make my back sting.
i'm honestly just 100x more insecure and you can tell aha.
it still fucking hurts. i don't think you actually understand.
i hate myself.
please don't be mad at me..
i need it. i need to feel something.
i feel relapse on the tip of my fingers.
i'm so fucking mad at myself right now. i feel so stupid. i should've fucking known. i should've done something to fucking prevent it. -
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i feel ugly.

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