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This cutie is ONE MONTH today 😱😱 it's been a long month of healing and finding balance in the day-to-day with two kids under two, but simultaneously seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital. I know in this ...
William and June around the same age. Do they look like siblings??
I seem to like this pattern 💙
One week today 💙 Daily life is starting to feel more normal...I'm starting to feel better...he's healthy, eats well and sleeps great...I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time...June is adjusting to all the changes (aka no longer ...
One of the best things about having an 18 month old and a newborn: afternoon nap time. Not a bad place to spend my time cozy next to this guy while Junie dreams all afternoon about being a good big ...
He's finally here 💙💙💙
Slowly accumulating all things Little Tikes 😂
post-nap snuggles 💕
38 weeks pregnant today! Honestly, aside from being sleep deprived, I've felt really good the past few days. I finally have some diaphragm relief as baby moves south. Thought I'd join in on @thinlizzyathletics July plank challenge while I'm still ...
Recreated one of my favorite photos of her. Swipe to see last year's 😭💕
My favorite little one.
Girl loves to slide. Best $35 ever 😝
Today marks ONE MONTH until my due date 💕 That's excellent news for this mama...that's gloriously quantifiable in a way that allows my crazy pregnancy brain to take a deep sign of relief and power through to the end with ...
While it felt wrong to cut this giant peony (bc my bush only has 7 blooms)...I guess flowers are meant to be enjoyed inside too! Happy Friday!
Feeling super pregnant and uncomfortable these days 😅 but it was soooo nice to be by the lakes again! Funny how we routinely documented my pregnancy with June but this little guy barely has one bump photo...had to get a ...
I'm 34 weeks today with baby number two. Starting to mentally/emotionally prepare myself for bringing home another tiny human. I only went just over 37 weeks with June which is a little terrifying because that's just 3 weeks away (😱) ...
Afternoon walks to see the horses.
Always trying to be where Charlie is.
I'll take couch snuggles anytime 💕
Today she got to do the real thing with @michaeljones7 since I actually remembered her life vest. She loved it! Pumped for summer lake days ☀️☀️☀️ now we just need the highway to open 🤔
Reeeeeeally wanted to be out there with @michaeljones7 but we forgot her life vest 😅 next time baby girl.
This tree in my backyard makes me very, very happy right now 🌸
Exploring in the succulents ❤️
30 weeks today! Can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Hard to believe in a little more than 2 months we will be a family of four with 2 under 2 😅😱❤️ #hurryupjuly
A little grainy, but perfect ❤️
Baby toes and warm days 🌼❤️
I have a few post-pregnancy fitness goals that I'm super eager to work of these goals is the ability to do the splits. I'm not a naturally flexible person, never have been. But I do know flexibility is gained ...
Blue eyed love.

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