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i really want to go to the march for our lives that are happening around the country but i can’t make it to my local one :(
the show on my block is so good
i never posted a gn post but i never went to bed so 🤷🏻‍♀️
quiplash is so fun omgg
it’s my friends birthday and we’re going out to dinner yay!
i hope my coach goes easy on us but also we haven’t had practice since monday so 😬😬
i haven’t been to school since tuesday bc all the snow and it feels like a wednesday. i’m glad it’s friday.
student 👩‍🎓 athlete 🏀GRIND!! 😎💪
all day 👣every day 🌓john 4:20 🙏 RIP grandma 👵🏼❤️
concept: i’m doing my hw, chilling, listening to music, the sun is so nice and shining at the window near my desk, i have practice later with people i actually like, tomorrow is friday, everything is good
one time my mom gave me a time out and her and my friend just bonded in the kitchen while i was stuck upstairs
edit: i’m kind of disappointed to have to be saying this but i’m deleting all racial comments so please don’t bother it’s supposed to be cute
gn! school is canceled for me tomorrow too :)
plot twist: it’s a combination of all of them
i made banana bread! now i just have to wait for it to bake
ok so i just got the fortnite app and created an account but i have no idea how to play
that vine that’s like “i sneezed on the beet and the beet got sicker”
ok we get it sharon
it looks like a potion
my two field trips this week are both canceled and there is currently ice raining down from the sky
gnight sigh some people make me frustrated
when people get mad at you for bringing something up /on accident/ and then after you continue to apologize will not let the subject drop and keep lecturing you on how “it upsets them” :))
tell me why i got 8 hours of sleep and am still tired ugh gm
i think this is the earliest i’ve gone to bed in a long time yay gn
i’m exhausted but i have just little enough hw that i probably bs it all tomorrow so heheh
i had choral practice and it was fun

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