Passport Da God | @passportdagod

#repost from da hometeam @martyparty901
I been staying down at dis music thing over 12 years now & now is da 1st time I've been recognized for my art dat just goes to show dat dis shit is truly a #marathon and #iam grateful & ...
1st time i done been out da house in 2 days itz chilli wit beans outchea guess i'll get me ah ole whiskey bout to go across da bridge wit da fam 4 summa deese good ole all u can ...
My song #bandz is nominated for #scmawards im also nominated for #songoftheyear #grindhardaward #bestundergroundindieartist go vote now! S/o da whole #scm family
If you tired of da same ole shit dats not adding to ur life and helping u grow meditate on it #nevergiveup

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