Patrick Gailey | @pgtipps

Mí Pueblo. A Huge thank you to Mondo and Charlie for tag teaming the restoration of my grandfather's hand built smoker.
And get ready for some Chingon-ass Chicano Sundays pumpin out the meat for my papas.
Fluff master fresh. One of our last visits to a personal favorite state park, for a while at least.
Grand Mere pit stop with el guey.
Celebrating national dog day with my doggies, @brendanbrownbear & America's hottest cheese monger - @whiteandcurdy.
Getting the royal NY treatment from this dude. Thanks @eric_santoscoy_mckillip.
Jordan Hotsprings. Gila National Forrest, NM.
Hanging with my valentines.
El Chuco 915, Esse.
Good beer, good company. Asheville, NC.
Austin has opinions.
Working audio for the day has its perks. Shooting in Juarez today.
Getting to celebrate my great-great aunt Roe's 100th was such a privilege and totally worth the hell of this impending red eye back to Chicago.
Visits from friends.
Rogers Park vegetable lovers.
Arabic-coffee farewells.
Refuses to wear a shirt, even at the dinner table. Christmas Eve dinner, Polish-style with @whiteandcurdy.
Hardly city living #majestichadj
Pre swim-practice pick me up.
Kegs and eggs with this girl. :)
Still on that regram kick. @catmartinet @m_requa

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