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Some of "Demonslayer" request doodles )
Buffy request doodle ✝
Ну и ещё немного) #the_retuses
Прекрасные The Retuses поют мою любимую песню Sagitta на концерте в КЦ ЗИЛ 🎸🎸🎸 все эти филины 💜💜
Devil on your left shoulder, angel - on the right) #demonslayer #bubble_comics
Angel on your right shoulder)
#demonslayer #bubble_comics
Devil on your left shoulder
#demonslayer #bubble_comics
"Demonslayer", Thanahia
#demonslayer #bubble_comics
Просто шел по магазину и тут полный прилавок счастья
3 volumes of "Prince Valiant" finally arrived and ooooh they are so perfectly beautiful ( and huge size, which make them even more beautiful ) 💜💜💜
Fast doodle, Kaworu from Evangelion
Wip of my forever fav in tolkienverse)
Veeeeeery slow process cuz i draw it with "5 min per day" speed but i hope i'll finish it someday
#silmarillion #tolkien #melkor
Demon guy, from "Demonslayer" issue 3
#demonslayer #bubble_comics
Oc's, from my "7 sons" comics
Translation of 1st issue "Demonslayer" is finally on comixology!!
I hope next 2 issues are gonna be there soon too uwu and i really hope you'll like it))
#demonslayer #bubble_comics
Had a hard deadline, made a sweet present for myself after eheheh .__.
Ванильные балороглаза на палочках делают все лучше
from my comics
Some Balor sketch covers) Многобалорие) Полтора года на конвентах Балора почти не реквестили и вдруг в Читай-городе штук 15 за раз х)) внезапная внезапность х)
Studies for my comics, indian girls (from photos)
First issues of second volumes of our comics uwu Я решил сфоткать их вместе)
Sketcing, Bharatanatyam
From Nikolina Nikolenski Shiva's dance
Fragment of special cover for Major Grom New 1 by me and my colorist @orphen.sirius
Doodling #demonslayer

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