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So glad to be back to the dye pots today! This is Mercury Glass - just about finished :) #phydeaux
Can't even knit as I wait 😷
Luxury club - last batch! (Color greyed out 😎) #phydeauxdesigns #phydeaux #handdyedyarn #yarnclub #luxuryyarn
Today's view of the woods behind the dye shop #fringefinerychallenge #woods #norcal #phydeaux #phydeauxdesigns #dyerslife day 2 outside
First round is sock club in the pots - just a week behind 😬😥😳
Published the year I was born- I love me a great, old library book. Thick paper. That smell. ❤️
Working on a new shawl design - shown here in Winterfell, Down fingering weight 😘
So much ready to ship yarn! Including these two, both from my last sock club. I particularly love the skein on the right, "Grandmere," for Grandmother Spider of mythology. 🕷
First bin of ready to ship yarn - in the shop! Bin #2 next + a whole lot of shipping 👍 #phydeauxdesigns #phydeaux #dyersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #handdyedyarn
A fun special order- with some new Fall colourways! #phydeaux #handdyedyarn #singleplyyarn #fallyarn #autumnyarn
Skeining up some new fall colourways (this might be my fave) ❤️
It isn't easy watching your baby become elderly - Molly was just a kitten not that long ago. She's had a rough year: losing her bff Fiona, dealing with all these new kittens/cats, and a few health issues. I think ...
Reskeining day! Lots of fingering weight merino for @lakesideyarn !!! #handdyedyarn #phydeaux #dyersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #tonal
Killian is here, crawling like an Olympic champ #sirkillian @miss_meg1 @cwhines45
Finishing up a big order for @lakesideyarn - get ready to restock your stash if you live in MN!
Wow. Haven't seen one of these in a looong time.
I haven't treated myself to a book since forever - I couldn't resist @meganofblushie's books, which I've been dyeing to get my hands on! #meganokeefe #scorchedcontinent #scifi #steampunk
Last Sunday in #july and it promises to be hot! But so beautiful outside this morning!
Big huge rummage sale and lots of hand baked goods at Paradise Foursquare Church today!
Our Free Little Library is very nearly ready! #freelittlelibrary #communitylibrary
See that beautiful clear eye? That was the eye that was badly injured just a few weeks back. Sparkie continues to grow and thrive. Such a talker!!!
Last sock club installment - women in mythology - packing tonight to ship tomorrow!
#widn so much dyeing! Taking yesterday's dry dyeing in for skeining, saying hi to Dukie and Bella, starting up today's dye pots 😀 - thank you for inviting me to share, @hookerscorner ! And what are *you* doing now, @chieflefthandknits ...
Summertime means roadwork which means sitting in your vehicle wondering if you'll ever move again- but at least I have a great view ❤️
Two colourways from the current sock club, Proserpine on the left, Grandmere on the right (women in mythology) - next sock club is newly opened: Women in Shakespeare! Link in profile 😀

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