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Smoke Screen
Holey Trinity (The Heartbeat of America)
Waiting in the (Eagles) Wings #flyeaglesfly
Angle of Light (Angle of Darkness)
6 Years Later: Lil’ Hawkeye — Future Instagramer of America *Swipe, or click #nowandthen_pta_lilhawkeye to see the original post from January 2012!
Life to Come (Have a Little Faith)
I’m Only This Far, and Only Tomorrow Leads the Way (#41)
Going Dark (Too Much Information)
As American as... Rum Raisin Apple Pie! However you celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙏🏼
Personal Baggage
My song is Love, unknown.
(It’s so hard to see you clearly
You don't have to be on your own)
Trash Talk (a subtle — or not-so-subtle — submission for @thisaintartschool’s #redyellowbluecontest)
If I Had Only Felt (How it Feels to Be Yours)
Mowdown Philly (Back Again)
It’s been almost a month since my last post, and I need to break through the wall, despite the lack of a clever caption... so, here’s a photo of my youngest sister, Amy, on the grounds of @shopterrain, after my ...
Flying on the Ground
Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)
The Threshold
Patience (Hold On)
Moxie’s Turn
(If You Can’t Hold On...)
Ensemble (Great Cloud of Witnesses)
It’s high time for a new post...
Guess this’ll have to do.
“A #catsofinstagram?!” you say?
Why, yes, it’s Mr. Moo! 😸

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky
Scale (These City Walls)
Forget-Me-Knot (My Body Bruised)
Two & four years ago: #nowandthen_pta #myviewthroughachainlink_pta
Row House Contemplation (Voice from the Silence)

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