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We had a productive January Committee Meeting. Thanks to @mjgrayarkansas and @arkdems for joining us!
Special guest Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Representative Michael John Gray will join our January Committee meeting. Please join us! Monday, January 8 at 7:00 pm at Pope County Courthouse.
Volunteering at River Valley Food 4 Kids. One in four Arkansas children live in poverty. Arkansas ranks 47th in childhood hunger and food insecurity. Please join us in the fight for a living wage and an economy that works for ...
Our Vice Chair is running for State Senate! Follow @gallegosforsenate and read this story at the link in our profile.
Loved spending time with Democrats at our holiday dinner!
VOTE 110! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Chili Team 2017! Come out to @russellvilleardt Fall Festival and vote for Chili 110.
Chili Cook Off prep. Come see us! Commerce Street in front of Peters Family Living. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ₯˜πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ’™
We are ready to win the @russellvilleardt Chili Cook Off tomorrow! Not pictured: our secret ingredients. 🀐
We’ll be there on October 28 cooking up a pot of chili in the cook-off! Will we see you there? @russellvilleardt
Stop by to say hello at the Pope County Fair! Voter registration, candidate information and $5 Yeti cooler raffle tickets.
We are all set up at the Pope County Fair in #russellville this week with $5 raffle tickets for this @yeti cooler. Come see us!
Many thanks to the talented team at @electricghostprinting for our new t-shirts! Holler if you want one.
Fun times at the Darndanelle Chicken Fry! #arkansas #democrats @arkdems @mjgrayarkansas @teresagallegos
Discussing a serious topic: Southern barbecue. @mjgrayarkansas @nategchapman @arkdems #arkansas #democrats
All set up at the #dardanelle Chicken Fry. Cabin 72 come on up and hang with us on the mountain!
Nothing to see here... just our smoked pork shoulder we will have for lunch and dinner tomorrow at the #dardanelle Chamber of Commerce Chicken Fry. Y'all come out for some barbecue! #russellville #arkansas #democrats #mtnebo
Want to win this @yeti roadie? $5 per raffle ticket! We'll be selling tickets at the Dardanelle Chicken Fry at Mt. Nebo this Saturday, August 12 at our Pope County Democrats cabin, or comment here if you can't make it ...
Paul Spencer for Congress 2018! #arkansas #democrats @arkdems
@joshuamahony for Congress 2018! #turnthe3rd
A job well done by @arkdems staff and volunteers for a wonderful evening at the Inaugural Clinton Dinner. πŸ’™πŸ‘
Honored to represent Pope County at the @arkdems Inaugural Clinton Dinner. Lovely to see Chairman Representative @mjgrayarkansas and sit with @joshuamahony for Congress!
Inspiring words by @louisiana_gov John Bel Edwards at the @arkdems Inaugural Clinton Dinner.
Hanging out with @arkansastechyoungdemocrats at the @arkdems block party!
Join us for a real good time! Meet 'n greet Arkansas candidates @joshuamahony and Maureen Skinner. #arkansas #democrats #dardanelle #russellville
Mary Ella is keeping it organized at River Valley Food 4 Kids tonight. #arkansas #democrats
Chad is here at River Valley Food 4 Kids too! #arkansas #democrats
Volunteering at River Valley Food 4 Kids #arkansas #democrats
Many thanks to @joshuamahony taking time to meet with Democrats in Pope County on his listening tour. #turnthe3rd

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