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Only $10 for the cup and slippers. Thank you @spencers 😭❀️ #thelegendofzelda #legendofzelda #darklink #twilightprincess
Just finished this. πŸ–Œ #nirvana #nevermind #toad #supermario #toadtreasuretracker #toadana
Caleb spoiled me with a surprise piece of heart necklace. Oh how I love him. πŸ’™ #thelegendofzelda
Band practice. 🏹
Got the new Zelda, it even came with a free poster. πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’™ #thelegendofzelda #legendofzelda #breathofthewild
I just wanted to thank everyone who shared and donated. Pippin is home now, and everything went perfect. ❀️
I had to post a photo of my kit because it's so beautiful. β™₯️
We had a very fun date night. 😊 (If you couldn't tell we're standing in a cave.)
This was my first big one!! So happy with it. 😊 (Caleb is modeling it for me. Lol.) #majorasmask #fusebeads #perlerbeads #legendofzelda
This is from back in October 2016. Random love post for my boyfriend Caleb, so I figured it'd be of our 3 year anniversary that I never posted anything about. Lol.
If you follow me on other social media then you're probably tired of seeing this, but I'm not. πŸ˜πŸ’– #avatarthelastairbender #appa #legendofkorra
I only posted 63 photos in 2016... I know I wasn't as active as previous years, but that's crazy! Happy New Year everyone!
Just realized I never posted a healed photo of this one. I love all the art on me, but this one is one of my favorites. Serious love to my artist @joshdarts . #avatarthelastairbender #legendofkorra #avataraang #tattoo #gamerink
If you see a cool car with these cool bumper stickers, it's my cool car. 😁 #bumpersticker #majorasmask #legendofzelda #howlsmovingcastle #studioghibli #skybison #avatarthelastairbender #legendofkorra
The sticker is backwards, but Target has them for $2. ❀️ #gameofthrones #fireandblood #housetargaryen #motherofdragons
@taylortwili inspired me with her perler beads so I wanted to give it a shot! Her's are WAAAY better you should check them out. ☺️ #galaga #pokemon #fox #perlerbeads
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of months, but thank you to the few friends who stayed.πŸ’ I lost a lot of followers. πŸ˜… #legendofzelda #sheik #ocarinaoftime
I love you a lot. 😌
Ugh sorry I've been so inactive.. I've lost so many followers because of it. A lot of them I thought we were Instagram friends,,but oh whelp. πŸ™ƒ
Never even realized this! I got my first tattoo December 22, 2012 & got my first LEGAL tattoo December 22, 2014. Lol.
Haven't posted a pic of Pippin in awhile so here's one of my favorites.
Looks like he's hanging there. Lol. We bought him a really nice cat bed but he'd still rather lay on a board..😐
I honestly thought the exact same thing when I found out each team is for the legendary birds.
Caleb's 21st birthday was really fun yesterday. He really liked the guitar I got for him. 😊🍰🎈β™₯️

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