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Fan made me a cake with my face wearing a lucha mask. I loved it. I have the coolest fans In the world!
El Paso! #chuco #chucotown ill be there in a few days!
When she asks you for A LOUIE VUITON PURSE OR MICHAEL KORS el mas macho de los machos makes it clear.
El Mas Macho de Los machos has custom boots de gorilla #botasdeharambe #siempreganandoalv
El Mas Macho de Los machos. Answers : "which is the woman you marry? " warning strong language
#redskins fans after a dominant #dallascowboys victory .
This dude talked shit on one of my fishing pictures... I cobra kai'ed that dude hard. No mercy. Sweep the leg.
In case you're wondering I busted out the Vela when the cowboys were down 0-14.. and out came the cowboys to quiet all of 49er country down. DAK Went into your house and gave kaepernick something to kneel down about ...
Don't troll a pro. Poor cock smoker deleted his comment right after. #todojotingo #savage #enespanol
Some #bears #fans were talking shit to us throughout the game. But once the #dallascowboys kept scoring touchdowns, they got reeeally quiet #cowboysnation #dc4l
Went fishing with Captain smiley again in Arroyo city rocking a veteran owned company apparel #redreaperfishing @redreaperfishing make sure to #support #our #troops
And my cap is @firststringergear it's been good to me lately.. definitely a good luck piece #supportSmallBusiness ...
#bigred on each hand. #salt #water #fishing with Captain "Call Me" Smiley out in arroyo city!
Crushing it in Amarillo
I'm not even a #bernie supporter, but if I was, this would piss me off so hard.
Banned from facebook because I would share shit like this!!!!
Just a day before his 3rd birthday, my son, Epic, grabs a paint brush and writes his alphabet with better handwriting than I've seen on some adults.. genius level shit yall.
Last night in Houston Texas we killed that shit
Fucking pussies... :-( I hate political correctness.
#dallas #arlington tx we killed it last night #comedy #cowboysnation
This cock sucker just got me banned from facebook.. fuck this guy.
The other night at Pasadena ice house. Absolutely crushed it

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