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for what ails you. link in my stories.
this little guy. rip my perfect hospital corners. #lifeinatinyapartment
happy fall, friends. wrote about tiny apartments, and fallish picture books, and fallish rituals, and fallish objects this week. all on my blog, as per always.
'til next year, summer.
i called my senators about #grahamcassidy while pumping at my desk today. i promise, the phone calls took less time than the pumping did. you can call yours here: 202-224-3121 // #grahamcassidy is a healthcare bill that guts medicaid, increases ...
every day, feels a little bit more like fall. βœ¨πŸ‚
i need four or five naps.
threenager. (ps. black underthings for toddlers is pure genius, @shoparq.)
picked out her own first day of school flair.
working on his late summer look--sister hand-me-downs and a bonnet to match those baby blues.
waiting for papa.
weather to match my mood. #erinwalksinbrooklyn
me and my two kids, who by accident of their birth are american citizens. // in loving memory of my friend tam tran, a DREAMer who i had the privilege of learning beside in graduate school at @brownu, i'm urging ...
texas on my mind this week. // if you’re able, a few local organizations on the ground in houston that could use additional support: texas diaper bank [], which supplies diapers to babies and adults in need; portlight [], which ...
"welcome to my house. i do yoga in my house, so. got a baby in my belly. her name is oliver and she doesn't drink beer." 😳
next stop, brooklyn!
soaking up the last few hours of not missing @fortydaysofcalm.
last morning, last game of hide and seek.
tall tales.
forest family.
surfer in training too (two).
snack break.
surfer in training.
good good spot to wake up in.
not in brooklyn anymore! #oregoncoast
moons, everywhere.

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