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Today is the last day of our Summer Sale with discounts on tools, equipment, gemstones, findings and more! Head over to the site and snap up savings before it's over. #linkinbio👆


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Great news for Silversmiths & Makers! Today's silver price is the lowest we've seen in a while - looks like a great time to stock up.⠀ ⠀
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1242.50 (+0.30); Silver - $ 16.40 (-0.05); ...
We're in the midst of the 2017 Rio Summer Sale and it only lasts until June 22nd. Be sure you check out the savings in each of these categories as you prepare for a season of making!⠀


It's here - The Rio Summer Sale! Today through Thursday you'll find discounts on items from every category of our website. Time to stock up on the tools, equipment, gemstones, findings, and displays you need for a successful busy season. ...
Almost everything requiring electricity at Rio Grande—from jewelry making and manufacturing equipment to lights and computers—is powered by the sun. Curious about our commitment to environmental responsibility? #linkinbio👆 ☀️

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Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1248.15 (-7.25); Silver - $ 16.56 (-0.12); Platinum - $ 918.00 (-5.00) #linkinbio👆


Mokume gane and sterling silver “Radiate” pendant by Theresa Kwong.⠀


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Spend some time with this great e-book, "Prepping for Show Season" by Marlene Richey. You'll get five parts of easy-to-implement actions that could improve your business and increase your sales this show season!⠀#linkinbio👆

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Floating lockets make it easy to personalize your jewelry by adding tiny keepsakes or personal charms inside. What is the most creative thing you've seen inside a locket - Tell us what would you create!⠀


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Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1254.55 (-20.95); Silver - $ 16.74 (-0.44); Platinum - $ 921.00 (-21.00) #linkinbio⠀ ⠀

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Shop for this soon by using the MyGypsyStore link in ...
This new M.SRM bench motor from Foredom® checks all the boxes for improved performance with more power for continuous production use in all jewelry manufacturing operations! ⠀

☑️ powerful, SR 1/6hp ball bearing 18,000rpm motor ⠀ ☑️ forward or ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1275.50 (+13.50); Silver - $ 17.18 (+0.38); Platinum - $ 942.00 (+13.00)⠀ ⠀
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Tanzanite ring. 14k gold filled and sterling silver. Size 6.5. Available. DM ...
Does your work include metal stamping? Share it with #riojeweler or tell us about your favorite stamp. ⠀

We like the ImpressArt® collection for the wide variety available and the excellent quality of these tools.⠀


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Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1262.00 (-4.40); Silver - $ 16.80 (-0.14); Platinum - $ 929.00 (-15.00)⠀ ⠀
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All day. Every day. If your order weighs less than 15 ounces, it will ship to all 50 states for the same low flat-rate each and every time. Learn more about our improved USPS Economy shipping option and choose that ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1266.40 (-0.15); Silver - $ 16.94 (-0.28); Platinum - $ 944.00 (+5.00)⠀

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Another #makermonday Cuz we gotta #spreadthelove 🙌Back side of the sweet I ...
The job isn't complete when a finished piece leaves the bench. Make sure everything you create is displayed beautifully and packaged with the extra care that will make your customers feel special. Take a look at Rio's constantly expanding line ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1266.55 (-6.55); Silver - $ 17.22 (-0.23); Platinum - $ 939.00 (-6.00)⠀

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Looking for the perfect gem? Take advantage of Rio's personalized service to help you find the perfect gemstone for your customers. Our in-house gemologists can source any gemstone you're looking for —and answer any questions along the way.⠀

Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1273.10 (-17.90); Silver - $ 17.45 (-0.18); Platinum - $ 945.00 (-4.00)⠀

Photo courtesy of @jayneredman who will be teaching a Making Multiples class here at Rio in July. Use the #linkinbio👆 ...
"Armed with an arsenal of hardworking equipment, tools, and displays and packaging, Elizabeth Kirk has spent the last decade helping her father invigorate and expand his 40-year-old jewelry business. And the work is paying off." Keep reading to learn how ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1291.00 (-2.50); Silver - $ 17.63 (-0.08); Platinum - $ 949.00 (-11.00)⠀

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See more from the show in the Rio Grande stories!
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Live tool demonstrations all day at #jcklasvegas when you stop by the Rio booth. See Swanstom, Jool Tool, Carbide 3D, Orion, Jason's Works and many more! We're all at booth #b64049

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Our booth features ongoing live demos. Kate Wolf is showing her tools and techniques here, stop by and say hello!
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We're so happy to be here at #jcklasvegas with our amazing vendors, including @b9creations. Shon Anderson is here with us to introduce the new B9 Core Series. If you're here at @jckevents visit us at booth B64049 for a first ...
Are you attending JCK Las Vegas this week? Be sure to stop by Rio Grande’s booth (#b64049) to see our huge selection of tools and equipment or to meet our helpful agents! ⠀

Vas a ir a JCK en Las Vegas ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1274.95 (+10.10); Silver - $ 17.52 (+0.32); Platinum - $ 932.00 (1.00)⠀

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Check out these pics of student work from last year's ...
We've shared a lot about the Saul Bell Design Award this season. Now that the winners have been announced you can hear from the artists themselves. Read interviews with winning artists on the newly redesigned Saul Bell website - start ...
Today's Metal Market: Gold - $ 1264.85 (-1.35); Silver - $ 17.20 (-0.15); Platinum - $ 931.00 (-16.00)⠀

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We've put a spin on our classic Sea fan statement earrings. This ...
Rio Grande, in partnership with the MJSA Education Foundation, is donating a Wolf sand blaster [DIRECTIONAL] to a jewelry-related training program, and is seeking industry recommendations. ⠀


Visit and search “MJSA Giveaway” this month to nominate ...

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