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Come to the #nyccnc open house on Sat May 6th. Learn about CNC and walk away with a free @qualichem_mw barrel in an @americanrotary bag :)
Happy Birthday Judd! 6! William made him a treat :)
Love at first sight. Seriously, if you've never used these: 4x thread pitch (faster open) with same accuracy. YES. #instameasure
Thanks @curtis.chan !! Just in time for the open house! I hear @adskfusion360 is giving away a GoPro as part of a cam challenge!
FAST. Loving this machine. Video coming out this week. #jdsquared
The other way to make ramen
@abom79 crashing my family dinner time with some scantily clad photos. Hmmmm what do I text back.
Just a regular Thursday night shopping with William in bed. #instamachinist
Name that ratio :)
I have been *damn* impressed with the cut quality and performance of the @tormach 770. I didn't use to like it (preferring the 1100) but the 10K spindle is a beast in aluminum.
Beds strategically placed
Never out of sight
I am not dave precise
@americanrotary is RAFFLING OFF (!!) this 20HP phase converter as part of the #nyccnc open house! Best part is - you do not need to be present to win! Buy tickets via link in bio.
Caption contest.
Everyone's a hero in brass! :) @jimmydiresta how's yours coming? @doritebuilder is looking good. I ever heard @metal_tips_tricks may jump in too :)
#repost @crummywelding with @repostapp
Hey Everyone! Big News! On May 6th @saundersmachineworks is having their Open House Event and @superiorwelding and I will be there welding with this machine which will be raffled off along with everything else in ...
The collection grows! Thanks @mfceo_machinist !
Grinding in the chuck. SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW.
All kinds of sparks today :)
FIRST CUTS! Video coming soon on #nyccnc @jdsquaredinc 5x10 plasma
Day 2 - about to erase Diresta!
Bring it, @jimmydiresta :) jimmy, @doritebuilder and we are all building canons to show off at the #nyccnc open house! Ours will be #arduino powered :)
Irony: judging a high school machining competition. CAMing up the part because I do not know how to code it by hand.
Actual photograph of shame. #instamachinist
@sandvikcoromantus CoroDrill 860 about to run some tough stuff in the @haas_automation VM3. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. OTOH, Sandvik tooling and support has been SOLID to date. #instamachinist
HOLY SMOKES this thing is FAST!!!! @jdsquaredinc FTW!
No BS: the 440 is an awesome little machine. All that was missing was he power drawbar and ATC. ITS HERE!
That this all costs a few hundred bucks - yet another reason we live in a great world.

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