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Working on a renboard pattern for @kingtutley Southbend. Using a mill for a lathe project = perfect! Fun fact - part is way bigger than you'd think. #instamachinist #fusion360
Me: why aren't we holding tolerance
Sandvik rep: you wore it out
me: really?!
Rep: yes, here it is under 250x.
4140 chips off a Sandvik 390 insert end mill. 550 sfm, 0.002 IPT. We're actually conventional milling - it's a roughing pass on flame cut plate that's been hardened to 30 HRc (#tormach steel fixture plates!)
Unintended experiment. How well does mic hold up to LPS 3. 😐
Taught her to say "Get 'er Done"!
Flight was delayed. Wikipedia binge on Nuclear Submarines leads to photo of a lathe on one of the Russian Typhoon subs!!
Zach, our summer intern, machining some 304 Stainless on the @tormach using the 5 flute tools from @lakeshorecarbide !! WIN! #instamachinist
LOL. Prototyping on a "production" machine! #instamachinist
Clearpath just published a video on their YouTube channel (Teknic) on hooking up to an Arduino. YES!!!!!
The darn tick marks on the @sandvikcoromantus CoroBore are, well, very fine! Doing a sanity check with @mitutoyoamerica test indicator to prove it out :) #instamachinist
That feeling trying to capture the insane beauty and shine of a chip. #instamachinist
AWESOME to see @tyson_lamb! Judd wanted in too....
Wrapping up a great getaway with a "when in Rome" visit. Thanks @grissom_knife_and_tool for the rec!
Who knew Boeing was HQ'd in Chicago!?!?!?
Lou Malnatos or something for dinner. Fun fact - my wife lost her voice. LOL So much for catching up!
Eating fudge and checking out the linear rails #instavacation
Vacation time! Wife flew up to meet me for a few days of R&R and enjoying the town. There's an NYCCNC sticker hidden where this photo was taken. First person to find it and send us the code on the ...
Got to hang with the @adskfusion360 guys today at the Tormach open house! #repost @xanderluciano (@get_repost)
Got to hang with the man himself this weekend @saundersmachineworks (and @garingardiner)

#nyccnc #instamachinist #tormach #cnc #cad #cam #autodesk #autodeskhsm #fusion360 #hsmworks #autodesklife ...
This @tormach 440 demo was insane - 304 stainless at 60 IPM. #instamachinist
Teaching Fusion and making parts at the @tormach open house!!! #instamachinist
Do you start your Friday with the Business of Machining podcast? :) @johngrimsmoknives #instamachinist
An ORIGINAL set of jo blocks!!!!!!!!!! #instamachinist #instametrology
Metrology nerd alert! I got "lost" on my drive up to @tormach - swung by @mitutoyoamerica !! Super cool metrology museum and showroom
Strange hat. And no recollection of receiving one, let alone two. Ah must be my wife's.
FIRST CHIPS on the VF2SS!!! #instamachinist
Smile inducing interpolated pin popping! #instamachinist
Wife at beach with kids and in laws. Time to overhaul our tool library! Took some learning but finally figuring out this #sandvik tech guide and rotating tools book #instamachinist
I don't like motorcycles, but I do like making parts! This one is an upcoming Wednesday Widget for @timrobel ! Some good fixturing nuggets too courtesy of @oneeartim
Making a quick change vice fixture for the @tormach ! Who else is going to the Tormach open house next Saturday? #instamachinist
Level with me: who here loves machining? :) 😂😂😂

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