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Couple of #diy Repeat-o-Meters or, well, scrap? Guesses? :) #instamachinist
Having one of those tough entrepreneurship days. Pulled out a list that has, over the years, kept me inspired and focused.
Had a nice conversation with TSA about arduino, strap clamps and Youtube. LOL
@rrintheshop holding his brand that we made! Will be this weeks Wednesday Widget! #instamachinist
Since all the cool kids are doing in... My class is a little different though! How to navigate social media as a machinist and entrepreneur! #au2017
Snuck in to the last 5 minutes of a @matsuurausa demo!
Perfect way to end the day - solid burger with @zodiaceng at his old stomping ground in Orange.
An awesome time seeing how @qmarkmfg makes measuring probe styli ! #repost @qmarkmfg ・・・
John Saunders stopped by the shop today for a tour during his Southern California visit! It was great to share our process and show him what ...
Time for a literal and figurative recharge! Coffee and a boatload of travel camera gear! Hey - those factories aren't going to tour themselves! #instamachinist
Had the pleasure of touring @orangeviseofficial ! Big thanks for letting us film. An awesome operation, solid product and world class machines. Video coming :) #instamachinist
Chilling at LACMA - this 2" thick steel piece is by the (awesome) artist Richard Serra. In a fun twist - it was originally installed at MoMA in New York across from my old office. Cool to see it here ...
I'M BACK!!! Filming a follow up #lean manufacturing video with @pierson_workholding !!!!
So Cal! Just toured @shmachine with @raptor_sarah aka @raptorworkholding ! super cool shop that does a bunch of multi-axis work :) oh and they let us film :) #instamachinist
Almost got in trouble. Like, big trouble.
Got myself a vertical band saw! Two quick cuts on the plasma, then @superiorwelding welded 'er up at the TIG training class yesterday!
Fresh off the plasma. Because Okamoto.
What could possibly go wrong?
Class going well! Tungsten being re ground. Other than the welding curtains being backordered....
Made in Germany, DISSASSEMBLED IN THE U.S.A!!!! Video coming :) #instamachinist
Setting up with @superiorwelding for the first TIG training class tomorrow with @crummywelding !
Frustrating tendinitis! Can't even use a mouse! :/ where's that visual sensing computer monitor?!
Raise your hand if you cannot walk up to a surface plate without first wiping hand across #instamachinist
Spent all of last week getting the Okamoto grinder dialed in! Now I'm super pumped to use my new knowledge (and, humbly said, "skill") along with a new Norton 46K and a Noga minicool to dial in the @tormach PSG!
Can you love two breeds?
Throwback to the first product I brought to market!
99% kids, 1% quick Fusion fixturing idea :) always keep my MacBook in hand!
Photo is @abom79 approved :)
PSA: Change your batteries every 6 months!

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