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A colorful project I began to tackle this summer: gradually replacing the gravel floor of a dreamy outdoor shower with a rainbow gradient of stones
Thanks so much to @gab and family for generously sharing their home with ...
A gorgeous grey golden hour at the farm. #thebigchil
A magical evening at a foggy flower farm with this bright light of a lady. So thankful to have her friendship in my life ✨☁️🌸 #thebigchil
#fujixt2 #travelstoke #marthasvineyard #flowerstagram
Sunset salutation
Hungry like the wolf
Porta Party (daytime edition)
Thanks to @thom_carroll for the snap so I could join in, as I just happened to be wearing all red.
Porta party (nighttime edition)
88:88 sunset
Happy birthday to my favorite spaceship captain, photo model, grilled cheese sous chef, overloaded car tetris-er, tentmate, desert outpost barista, esoteric literary reference sartorialist, and the all-around best person to share noodle soup eaten with a pocket knife with. 🔥❤️
An evening jaunt with Euterpe the giant marionette
#stepforward by Miguel Angel Martin Bordera and Carros de Foc
Of a feather
#phoenicopterusrex by @jazlink. Shot with #fujixt2
Out of office
Eclipsing in Central Park. I love a good collective happening in New York. Even though we didn't experience the life-altering drama of totality, it was fun times talking to folks in the park and comparing/troubleshooting the various viewing devices. Seeing ...
Rainy morning garden snaps. Loving all the colors and shapes (and creatures 😱) that emerge in summer. Check the Story for a few more!
Down the hatch
One year later, a few favorites from our wedding photo booth. With all our guests in head-to-toe white, I wanted a way to splash some color on them that wouldn't destroy their clothes, so put together a technicolor booth designed ...
Perfect produce in perfect light. My kinda farm stand 🍅✨
Brooklyn 4th views 💥
On our recent trip to Tokyo we were lucky to experience a very special meal at DEN. But today burger-obsessed chef @zaiyuhasegawa and team DEN collaborated with @shakeshack on a limited edition #denshack burger with miso sauce, sansho pepper and ...
Fully admitting I just got this beer because of the can design ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
Shot with the #fujixt2 which I have been enjoying immensely!
Brooklyn at night
A few shots from the launch soirée of a collaboration between @_avoavo_ hand painted leather goods and @thesabahdealer handmade shoes. More up in the Story 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼
Planet Earth [Lake Bled, Slovenia | March 2011]
Planet Earth [Cadaqués, Spain | May 2009]. Also featuring an extinct species: #agfaultra film. Shot over the sprocket holes in a "Blackbird, Fly" twin lens reflex camera.
Planet Earth [Joshua Tree National Park | December, 2012]
Planet Earth [Sa Pa, Vietnam | January, 2010]
Planet Earth [Mt. Bromo, Indonesia. June, 2008]
Planet Earth ❄️🌏
This was somehow appropriate to happen upon on our last day in Japan.

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