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I do little things for ty all the time, not because she asks me because she doesn't but because I want to. I believe when you're with someone in a romantic way you have to prove everyday why they made ...
My girlfriend told me "I swore when I was younger that whoever I went to prom with I'm going to marry." Well we went to prom together yesterday. Sooooo let's get married baby. I swear I'm so lucky and blessed. ...
Full video is on YouTube!! Link is in my bio!!! Tag all your friends!!! This need to be heard! #united #silverskye #silvesters
My newest music is out on YouTube!!! Go watch, like, and share it!!! Link is in my bio!!! #united #silverskye #silvesters
New music and music video dropping tomorrow at 10 am so make sure you subscribe to my channel right now so you don't miss it!!! Turn on post notification!! I love you guys!!! #silverskye #silvesters
2great2notappreciate I love you
The come up is gonna be so real #silvester #silverskye PC @cc.pnw
Keep showing my first music video ever some love!! I'm telling you guys I got some straight fire coming up for you all since you guys stay supporting me β€πŸ’― #silvesters #silverskye #throwback #ftb
They say "follow what inspires you" which is why I can't leave her side. She my living inspirations. Not gonna lie. I really do got the feels for her like no other. That's my baby all mine. And I feel ...
This will forever be my favorite video of me and my princess. You guys have no idea how hooked I am to her. She's all mine all mine. I'm beyond lucky to have her in my life, she helped me ...
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Today I had her ask me a list of question about herself, tbh I didn't get any of the questions right. I know she might think it's because I don't know her well enough but honestly that's not the case ...
Can't wait for my newest song and music video to drop!! I promise you guys this song is by far one of my favorites creating! "United" video coming real soon!!! #united #silverskye #silvester
I've got some new music coming super soon!!! I promise you guys won't be disappointed!! #united #silverskye #silvesters pc: my girlfriend
I'm working hard to achieve my goals. Something new coming super soon! #united #silverskye #silvester
That's ma fine ass shawty πŸ˜‹β€
She fw me and only me πŸ”’πŸ’β€
I was eating when my homie took this pic but the baby fever is real with this kid 😭❀ #silverskye #silvester
Sunday candy - tag @chancetherapper in the comments!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’―β€ #silverskye #silvester
Peep the shirt πŸ˜‰ it's of my newest song "Sorry"!! Link is in my bio so go listen to it and let me know what you think!!! Huge shout out to @joey_v_c make sure you follow him because me and ...
It's out! I promise it'll get you in your feels!!! My newest song "Sorry" #silverskye #sorry #silvester link in bio!!!
I had to give you guys something new! So tonight it's happening!! I'm dropping my newest song "Sorry" tonight on YouTube!!! #sorry #silverskye #silvester
Just dropped a new banger "Warned" with @green_mischief the link is in his bio, and you can search it up on YouTube right now! We've got a lot of new music coming soon, let us know what you think!
let me roast myself before someone else does 😎❀ #silverskye #silvesters
My chains look like a choker haha #silverskye #silvesters
I'm working on myself more and more everyday, making new moves to better myself as a person and as an artist! I promise more big things are coming soon! #silverskye #silvesters #united pc: @pdxgooz
Go watch the video collab I did with my boy @betoflowx !!! Link is in his bio!! It's funny af #thunderjuice #silverskye #silvesters
I've got a lot of new things coming real soon so hang in there guys!!! #united #silverskye #silvesters
Haven't cut my hair in months, but sorry I haven't posted much lately you guys! I'm working real hard over here on some dope stuff for you guys! #united #silvesters #silverskye

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