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Are you planning on detoxing for the NEW YEAR❓Let is help✨
Vaginal Dryness is no fun✨ maybe age, hormonal changes, or surgery has you #yoni a little dry. 💦Get it WET by buying using the Gift Size @SnapBackKitty Womb Detox🍃 @SnapBackKitty Womb Steam can help with dryness too and is a ...
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🌻SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox may be used anytime 3 hours after sex as long as it's 3 days after your menstrual cycle has ended, or at least 10 days before your menstrual cycle returns. -
🛑Do not resume intercourse from ...
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Put 4 Womb Steam bags in a half of tub hot water your can soak up to 1 hour & 30 mins. You can also clean you toilet and use it as a steam chair. See detailed Directions on our ...
SnapBackKitty's holistic recommendation: -
12🌱WOMB STEAM BAGS (optional)
🌻Use the GIFT SIZE WOMB DETOX as directed. -
After each womb detox cleanse you can do a WOMB STEAM 🛁to help bring down your purge (discharge).
🌿After using @SnapBackKitty Womb Detox most women can resume sexual activity 7 days after the insertion of the pearls ( be sure all detox has exited the vagina canal ) After a @SnapBackKitty Womb Steam you can resume sexual activity ...
📸 : @snapbackkitty results from using our womb detox.
🌻@SnapBackKitty prides itself in spreading the word of only putting the best in your body and taking care of your mind so our bodies and spirit are whole. .
Order ...
🛑Don't let @SnapBackKitty Womb Detox scare you. This could be camping in your womb
🌻 @SnapBackKitty consists of herbs that can be used for holistic practices of healing -
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