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Just dropped a new video on my YouTube channel explaining my latest collaboration with @100proofvapeco and how it all came to be. Link in my bio #vinylbysj
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. #keepit100
"Leave it up to me while I be livin' proof..." #100proofeliquid #cream #vinylbysj
Some of you have maids but who has their own pocket shoelace assistant? #unclesj
Spent the day with my family. Pretty soon my daughter will be taller than me. Time flies. #happyfathersday
Get Lifted. #tangie
Got my hairs cut. All of them. #thatvinylguy
Editing script for my upcoming short film documentary. Needed a little break. This stuff is frickin' fantastic, by the way. Love this eliquid. #100proofeliquid
For those of you who aren't on Facebook much, I'm down 80+ lbs in 6 months. #consistency
Infinite. #supervillain Available now at and #vinylbysj #villainvapors
The Super Villain SnapBack. Vinyl by SJ X Villain Vapors. My latest collab dropped today! Visit and use promo code: FREESHIPSV for free shipping (CONUS only).
50/50 soft wool blend for a super smooth touch. 100% of the proceeds ...
This stuff is pretty legit. Gonna add this to the CBD research I'm currently working on. #cbd
... kind of day. #laidback
Putting up a private group list tomorrow in the @aodspec Facebook page. Link in the @aodspec bio. T6 aerospace aluminum / titanium bearing / edc fidget spinner. #aodspec #vinylbysj
I should've started a custom paint/sneaker cleaning service years ago. #customjs #bred11s #sonofmars
Pocket Dump. Dwyer SNG x Protech SNG x Higanbana Spinner x Kobushi Knuck. #aodspec #striderknives #protechknives
Episode 3 of The Super Jaymze Show is now LIVE! This week I interview Tere Joyce from The Last Comic Standing Season 1. We go over how she got started, medicinal marijuana activism, and solid advice for aspiring stand up ...
Cash us in Atlanta. How bow dah? #aodspec
The first batch sold out within minutes. We'll have more media blasted gun metal Higanbana's and Kobushi's next week. Media blasting by @mecha101 To get in on the list, join our exclusive Facebook group. Link is in the @aodspec bio. ...
So this week's episode of The Super Jaymze Show on YouTube was dope. Come meet David Lee of @brewellmfg as we discuss entrepreneurship, life lessons, and motivation. Hit the like button and subscribe! Do it now before the Feds come ...
The Higanbana fidget spinner. Another limited release is live in our Facebook group. #aodspec #vinylbysj
Episode 1 - @roybotvision - Super Jaymze Show is now live on YouTube.
On this episode, we cover Roy's road to photography and any advice to aspiring photographers.

Link in bio #thesuperjaymzeshow
Pocket Dump. #aodspec #edc
Relaunching The Super Jaymze Show on YouTube. Check out my pilot on there now then click subscribe to stay up to date with the episodes. Good Looks! #thesuperjaymzeshow

Link in bio.
Everyday Carry. #aodspec
My newest project. Join @aodspec FaceBook group now and be one of the first to own one. An extremely limited first batch release is in two days. Get on it. #aodspec #superjaymze
Hmmmm... which ones should I custom paint next? Leaning towards some AF1's or Dunks. #shoegame #vinylbysj #customkicks
It's been a minute since my last post but I'm still here. Gonna start a vlog soon. Get ready. #vinylbysj

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