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7 Reasons Why a 50mm Lens Is All You Need for Great Photography These 7 tips from Shutterbug photographer Jordan Matter will show you why a 50mm "Nifty Fifty" lens is sometimes all you need to shoot some amazing photos. Video Credits Photographer: Jordan...
50mm f/1.1 - Bokeh Beast for $160! Box Ninja time! Thanks to SquareSpace for sponsoring this channel! If you'd like to start up your own website or online shop, visit SquareSpace for a free trail and for 10% off your first...
5 Best 50mm Lenses Under $100! Correction on Thorium Oxide. Thanks to Ken Wheeler for the clarification. My bad for rushing adding the last two bits in the video before going away on a trip (bad enough that I'm not putting...
50mm Natural Light Fashion Photoshoot Behind the Scenes LOCATION: POZNAN, POLAND See the final photos on my blog: http://blog.juliatrotti.com/pictures/midsummer-storms Another blog post with the rest of the photos is coming next week! So please...
50mm 1.8g Model Photoshoot | Daniel De Kind 50mm 1.8g Model Photoshoot | Daniel De Kind Hi guys! Welcome to my channel. This week it is Silke's turn to rule my Youtube channel. We went a bit more nude and sexy for this one with her...
Why is 50mm 1.8 the best lens in the world | Hindi photography tip #3 The 50mm/ 1.8 lens is often called the best lens in the world. Find out why it is and 8 reasons to buy it. जानिए कि 50mm के लेंस को दुनिया का ...
[최마태] 단렌즈 뭐 사야할까요? 50mm렌즈가 당신에게 필요한 5가지 이유 (feat. 리플s 미나, 민욱) 이번에는 85mm에 이어 50mm렌즈가 필요한 5가지 이유에 대해서 이야기 해볼까 합니다! 사진을 찍는다면 꼭 필요한 렌즈 중 하나죠! 크롭의 경우 30mm~35mm...

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