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This place... 💙🌌🌴 #srilanka #bliss #moonlight #analog @kris_erb
The last push up to Delicate Arch in Arches. I was so happy to turn the corner to see it, after a 7 mile hike already that morning in freezing cold winds my legs were dead. But well worth this ...
Wherever there's a glass ceiling, there's an iron woman right below it.
Daisy did not want to go into the caves at all!
She sat and refused to move, 10 minutes later a sheet of ice came crashing down! I am now even more of a believer in the instincts of Dogs! ...
Some typical Iceland views. No trees. No animals. Just a pristine road and some big mountains in the distance.
#tbt to an amazing summer night captured by @saibotsemaj
Lakes Trail in Sequoia NP is a stunning hike that passes three alpine lakes and ends in a fourth, all of which are verying degrees of breathtaking. But one of the best parts of the hike? The Watchtower, a giant ...
Sleeping under the stars!
Who wants to stay here!?
📷: @joonaslinkola
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At the last minute, I decided to go out and catch the Geminid meteor shower last night, and it was awesome! Definitely not the easiest thing to capture, but totally the coolest thing to watch. I drove up to a ...
I Swear, Sometimes Life With @Jimmybworld Feels Like A Dream. 💕
Flying Over NY Doors Off With @flynyon Has Got To Be The Most Exciting & Unforgettable Way To See Such An Amazing City.🗽🚁Lately Ive Been Checking Off Bucket List Adventures Left ...
Mountainbiking and hiking with @holladaytrevor the week before I came out to AR. You can see him out in the distance which is synonymous with our relationship, I am always just trying to keep up with his awesomeness. Excited to ...
“You are made of embers. So shatter castles with your spark”
Finally got around to exploring Capitol Reef and checking off all 5 of Utahs national parks off my list 📝. Met a cool couple from Scotland as I was taking pictures here. Always interesting to meet people from allover the ...
Fresh snow along the path to Grand Prismatic hot springs. Yellowstone National Park.
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"This may seem a bit cliche, but heartbreak (from an ended relationship) made me come out of my comfort zone. I fell in love with nature’s beauty, the way it made me feel. I felt like I was able to ...

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