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It was an aerial kind of day @sanclementedance today! Thank you @lovealive13 ❤️ #sanclementedance #scdpac #acro #aerial
Getting excited 😍🎉 after rehearsal tonight for this weekend's performance at the @keepitlocalyall Spring Fair. Aerial Elements has a busy weekend schedule with a fire performance 🔥💃 by coach @lorrilan and @eduardo_leyva09 on Friday night at Wingfest (Shelter Cove, don't ...
👆 Not Mean. We are an intimidation free studio and you are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile. Our program is suitable for beginner as well as those with experience. ⠀⠀
Join @matt_bran145 for Kickboxing every Tuesday & Thursday. ...
Fail 🤣🤦‍♀️
Calling in 4 goddesses who KNOW IT IS TIME TO: .
👯STOP Over-working yourself & HAVE MORE FUN aka SUCCESS (aka THAT is the solution)
🦄STOP Letting energy vampires in & WORK ...
#cirqueduinsta Repost with @get_repost
she lived improbable dreams, followed her heart & created her own little fairytale.
Morocco, 2018
thank you @aerialescapes for helping me to live my dreams. “actually the best gift you could have ...
Making fun shapes in #aerialrope tonight 🖤
#cordelisse #cordelisserope #aerialropetrick #aerial #aerialropelove #cirquelife
thank you people for canceling class due to the “snowstorm” so i could take my first level 1️⃣ class. here’s a shaky “man on the moon” #aerialsilks #bodyandpole #needmorepractice #aerial
"Once you have tasted the sky, you will forever look up" -DaVinci 🌌
🎪 #beadragon #aerialdragons #silks #aerial #circuslife
Making BVI Stonger one roof at a time!⠀
We were able to replace the roof, fixed the guttering system and install the door to the home of some incredible selfless community leaders. Check out the 'before' and 'after'!⠀
que lindo volver a reencontrarse con grandes amigos del aire! @alexiomars muy buena clase genio! vamos por mas!#aerialsilks #contortionist #circus #trainings #aerial #tissu
Ignore my derpiness and silly faces!
I can't wait to get back again! Part 3
#enriqueaerialist #aerial #lyra #firsttime #derpyfaces #peaches #breakingboundaries
¿Serán los dioses ocultos o serás tú?
Será una decisión mortal

#aerialbeauty #lyra #aerialhoop #cirque #circuslife #dancing #aerialist #aerial
Pole dance es fuerza, elongacion y elegancia! #poledance #poledancechile #fit #fitnesschile #aerial #air #volar #danza #sport
Not everything you experience is for you. Life is meant to be shared and we are allowed to go through experiences to be able to connect and encourage each other.
02'42"80 Vaal Hazak Aerial Greatsword [Heroics Skill] - Monster Hunter World Run was sloppy towards end, sub 2'30 and beyond is possible using Aerial GS. Not sure if I care enough to continue perfecting it against Vaal though, got this run on my 6th try lol. With Jho...
MHWorld | How strong are 4 Players with Aerial Great Swords? This video will not change anything. Aerial GS might be OP but it's not easy to play. Shoutout to TSC for the original idea! We had to try that 4P, of course! TSC Aerial GS VS Odogaron Solo:...
Víctor - AERIAL (PALAZZO) Primera entrega de #PALAZZO Letra y voz: Víctor García Bailarina: Nerea Garrido Grabación y mezcla de audio: Rainek Prods Grabación de vídeo: José Manuel Ruiz y Nacho Martín Edición...
Rocket League BEST GOALS/FREESTYLES #19! - TOP 15 Aerial Dribbles, Funny Moments (Community Montage) Rocket League best goals and freestyles #19! A Top 15 community montage featuring the best aerials, dribbles, and a top 15 funny moments at the end. These highlights are all from the community...
Gymnastics - How To Do An Aerial Kyra shares some tips and tricks to help you get your Gymnastics Aerial!!
Aerial Tutorial with Shawn Johnson and Whitney Bjerken Whitney was fortunate to spend some time in the gym with Olympic gold medal winning gymnast, Shawn Johnson! Here Shawn and Whitney demonstrate how to an aerial…while Shawn's husband, Andrew,...
How to do an aerial (no handed cartwheel) for beginners | The Rybka Twins Hey guys, in today's video we give you some great tips that will hopefully help you achieve/ improve your side aerial (No handed cartwheel) Make sure you have a good cartwheel and soft ground...
FPFC 2017 Aerial Silks Professional Division Champion - Xan Kaplan 2017 Aerial Silks Professional Division Champion - Xan Kaplan.
Every Front Aerial Maddie Ziegler has done on Dance Moms (im not kidding) CLICK READ MORE FOR ETERNAL LOVE FROM ME !! oKAY SO this video started off as being an 'evolution of maddie ziegler's front aerial' but then i realised i literally saved like every...

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