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Christelle Néant Donbass SitRep n°56 ~ 8 septembre 2017 partie 1 / 1 Cinquante-sixième émission de la série des rapports de situation dans la République de Donetsk et Lougansk au regard de la présence et des bombardements ...
Christelle Néant - Donbass SitRep n°55 du 2 sept 2017 partie 1 / 1 Cinquante-cinquième émission de la série des rapports de situation dans la République de Donetsk et Lougansk au regard de la présence et des ...
Rapport de situation hebdomadaire du Donbass (Vidéo) - 15 juillet 2017 Chaque semaine, Christelle Néant de l'agence DONi Press, (d'habitude en partenariat avec Thom Aldrin d'Eveil Français TV, mais exceptionnellement tourné ...
UF ARMY ROTC - Evaluate/Treat a Casualty University of Florida Army ROTC Cadets demonstrates how to treat a casualty (Rehearsal).
SITREP-Your NCOER, Getting It Right Did your Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report get kicked back? Here are a few tips on getting your NCOER done right, the first time.
(ENG/RUS SUBS)Interview with "Khan", the DPR Army, Alexandrovka local commander. Please watch: "Ukraine War: DPR & LPR Tank Battle Competition Day 1" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Interview with ...
What does it take to be the Army's "Best Medic?" This episode of SOLDIERS introduces you to the Army's annual Best Medic competition at Camp Bullis, Texas. 32 teams come to compete from across the Army.
U.S. NAVY SONOBUOY INDICATOR GROUP AN/AQA-1 ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE FILM 51114 This “confidential” Cold War-era United States Navy training film follows the Sonobuoy Indicator Group AN/AQA-1. The expendable sonobuoy was developed ...
Starting Strong - 12D - Season 3 Episode 6 Isabel Sorensen, an experienced scuba diver, challenges herself and tests her skills with the U.S. Army.
Starting Strong - 11C - Season 3 Episode 10 College student D'Angelo Murray must dig deep to pass his most challenging course yet: the U.S. Army.
Starting Strong - 88K - Season 3 Episode 2 Lead Engineer Archie Graham feels at home in the water, but is he ready for a career in the water with the U.S. Army?
Starting Strong - MEDEVAC - Season 3 Episode 4 Radiology Technologist Breann Ankenman must see if she has what it takes to join the elite of the U.S. Army.
ARMA 3 77th JSOC #1: No Man Left Behind || MilSim Unit Gameplay Hello peeps and good day! In today's episode, we'll be doing something different. I'll be filling in as a rifleman for a MilSim unit--the 77th JSOC. Join us as we try ...
SALUTE Report and the SITREP basic overview on how to report enemy positions while on Recon patrols or in a Patrol Base.
Starting Strong: 15N Aviation Mechanic The thrill of firing an M240H helicopter-mounted machine gun gives this soccer-playing college student another reason to consider enlisting.
A TACS Camo SITREP - Episode 9 -TRU SPEC In this episode of A-TACS Camo SITREP, Jim Gilliland and Clint Hoover challenge each other to a game of Horse while on the range. They also introduce the ...
Ukraine War - Novorossian Rebels In Heavy Combat Action During Assault On Donetsk Airport Keep us alive by supporting us with a small one-time or monthly donation: Ukraine War - Novorossian Rebels In Heavy Combat Action ...
GRAPHIC A-10 Warthog Strikes Taliban Patrol GRAPHIC** A USAF A-10 Warthog engages and eliminates 5 Taliban fighters with it's 30mm cannon in Afghanistan.
WebEOC How To - SitRep How to utilize the Situation Report (SitRep) in WebEOC.
Department of Defense 4 Videos from the Department of Defense.

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