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I don't really watch tv shows cos a single season takes me foreeeever but I finished this entire season overnight and this says a lot about the show!! So good, so so so good ❤ #atypical #keirgilchrist
paige from atypical •

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"I can see your bra. It's purple."
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We need to get Autistic people's experiences more out there instead of stereotyping it based on what a group of people say about it and I should have a tv show where they record me living my life and speaking ...
Dear @netflix, I ❤ this show sooooo much. Ecstatic to hear that season 2 is on the horizon ... keep em coming! #atypical doing his thing.
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C'est seulement une fois que tu as compris ce que tu vaux, que tu vis ta vraie vie. Tu t'honores et adores cette vie qui te représente, VRAIMENT.
Life is magic ✨
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Siamo pronti a tornare col nostro aperitivo, questa volta in versione natalizia, il 25 Dicembre dalle ore 22:00, vi aspettiamo al @BryansCoffee , per vivere insieme la notte di Natale, all’insegna della #blackmusic !!
I sorrisi portateli voi, alcool e ...
This Show // #allthefeels 🙏🏻💯💓
casey & evan | atypical Watch in HD ==== so I haven't uploaded a real video in a while, and while this isn't my best work I did finish it. And while I try to find inspiration to finish some others, here it is...
ATYPICAL | Crítica sem spoilers! Vem saber mais sobre Atypical, série original Netflix que fala sobre um garoto dentro do espectro autista. WWW.TIM.COM.BR/TIMLIVE Maratonas pra fazer em 1 dia! | DICAS NETFLIX https://www.youtub...
'Atypical' Actor on the Spectrum- Anthony Jacques Shannon speaks with the only actor on Netflix's hot new series "Atypical" who identifies as being on the Autism spectrum about how he came to nab his role. Like Autism Live on Facebook at...
Atypical - Sam and Julia dance one of the best scenes of the entire series, short lived tho.
5 RAZONES POR LA QUE DEBES VER "ATYPICAL" | SORTEO NETFLIX | REVIEW Y OPINIÓN | Espero que les haya gustado este video y recuerden los ganadores dejar los comentarios que ganaron la cuenta para comunicarme con ellos. ESTO ES TODO... YO SOY CHEKA CHAUUUUUUUUUU :D.
Brigette Lundy-Paine On "The Glass Castle" & Netflix's "Atypical" With two extraordinary projects coming out, Brigette Lundy-Paine has been busy. In Netflix's "Atypical" she portrays the sister of a teen on the autism spectrum. When her brother decides to...
Brigette Lundy-Paine Discusses Her Character In The Netflix Series, "Atypical". Brigette Lundy-Paine describes her character Casey as a careless but strong and intense 16-year-old girl in the Netflix Series, "Atypical." For full schedule and more videos go to
sam || i'm a goner [atypical] tumblr: • twitter: • facebook: • english: I literally loved this series,...
Actor Nik Dodani Discusses Role On 'Atypical' Actor Nik Dodani appeared on KCAL9 News on Sunday morning to discuss his character in "Atypical." Amy Johnson reports.

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