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Credit to: #blogthegreatrouge his face looks weird but I'm tierd
Credit to: #blogthegreatrouge that face tho😂😫
Basically my reaction.
I have some art that's MINE that I COULD share, but I'm not finished yet.
Also, even if I do share it, it'll just be a WIP.

The reaction art belongs to:
(The last photo):
blogthegreatrouge on ...
PJ's Daycare Episode 1 (Cheerful Arc) Episode one of PJ's daycare! (So you don't spam me about Part 7) -Comic Comic creator: Comics: ...
A "Normal" day in the Afterdeath family (Warning Poth SINN!!) Song: Fantastic baby by BIGBANG Comic by: Blogthegreatrouge on tumblr.
Nerd and Jock AU by Blogthegreatrouge Nerd and Jock belong to blogthegreatrouge. The sketch is mine you can find the original on her blog.
Nerd and Jock AU (blogthegreatrouge) I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( Do you like my new intro? Thank you Rouge, for making this AU!
Quill x Naj cil Comic made bye blogthegreatrouge.
Pj's Daycare comic by blogthegreatrouge I DID ONE FOR ONCE. I think I got the questions wrong though. I DID NOT MAKE ANY PHOTO AT ALL! Most photos were made by blogthegreatrouge on tumblr ...

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