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4 EXCERCISES YOU ARE NOT DOING! Here are 4 exercises you are not doing that you should try out :) Picking up Girls!?: INTERACT WITH ME ...
My Bmfit Gear Arrived ! My Bradley Martyn gear arrived and it solid!
BMFIT WRIST STRAP REVIEW | BMFIT GIVEAWAY RULES FOR GIVEAWAY: 1. Be a subscriber. 2. Leave a comment! In this video I review the new BMFIT wrist wrap! At the end of the video I show what it is I am ...
REVIEW OF BMFIT WRIST WRAP This is my review of the new BMFIT wrist wrap and how I personally feel about it compared to my other wrist wraps. I have put the wrist wrap to the tests of ...
RPM Nutrition: Bradley Martyn/BMFit vs Superman/Cardillo Gear Review Unboxing Vlog In today's gear review vlog I review/take a look at my new Bradley Martyn/BMFit lifting belt and stack it up against my trusty 10 year old Cardillo Superman ...
UNBOXING PACKAGE FROM BMFIT GEAR | CANON 80D TEST Quick unboxing/video and audio test for my Videomic Pro. It's raining out so my natural lighting is bad but the audio came out good! Music: ...
BMFIT Arm Blaster Review! | Colton Digby Fitness Get BPI Sports Supplements: 20% Off Discount Code: CDFIT ---------- MY SOCIAL MEDIA: ▻▻▻Twitter: ...
Online Collective Haul: Jason Derulo + BMFit Gear! Hey guys! Sorry for my absence but I got a haul for you guys! I don't do these often but it features some pieces from two celebrities I adore to pieces! Hope you ...
Fit Con- Bradley Martyn (BMFit) Supplement Unboxing! (REVIEW SOON!) Just got what I have been waiting for in the mail!! Nearly a month ago I pre purchased Bradley Martyn's supps and they just got here after the release. Luckily ...

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