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Oddly enough my doctor STILL isn't concerned with my body being "ruined" over here. 😆
These ridiculous phrases that are used to describe pregnancy are unfounded and absolutely ridiculously. I'm not "sacrificing" my body for Blobby because I'm not losing ...
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✨ glorious✨ This is my friend. As soon as she came around the corner I thought to myself, wow. She is beautiful. Killer outfit for walking around Queen Street today in this amazing, end of summer balmy weather. Denim, crop ...
What a beautiful collection 🔮✨
Get on your tutu game ladies! 👸 With luxe layers of tulle and a stretchy elastic waistband, you'll never want to take your tutu off! In gorgeous colors like Blush and Buttercup, you can easily find the right one to ...
"Cherie, I really want to do what you do, but it's just not the right time. I don't have the extra time, my kids keep me busy, & I have a job. But I really hope someday I can!"
GIRL, ...
"What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly"

Life lately has just been a whirlwind of emotions, to say the least it hasn't been so great. Regarding my post before this I have ...
#sayyouwontletgo by @jamesarthurinsta23 Facts: I hate my smile my teeth are actually buck teeth, I hate this filter it messes up my eyelash & I make stupid videos to make others happy and interact with #estfam #mgk #rookxx #laceup #blackflag ...
@angiethatgeekwithink Ladies, if you are over 18 and you'd like a chance to be featured, shoot us a DM or tag us in an "IG appropriate" photo that you're comfortable with us sharing on the page. All photos are posted ...
💛I've never been so happy and so confident in my own skin💛 • 💛I'm no stranger to negative self talk. When I get outside of my head and realize how I've been talking to myself, it's painful. I wouldn't say ...
Day 4 of #flowtowheelpose is #puppypose 🐶🐶🐶 Amazing Hosts:

Special Guest Host:

Generous Sponsors:
@niyama_sports •

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♡Many people expect their lives to be filled with magical, big actions, owning great things and having generous people in their lives. Sometimes these expectations can be unrealistic and what comes out of that? Dissapointments.
♡Too often we ...
Know your self worth 🌺
I read this quote in @thankyouaus Chapter One book by @danielflynn88 and it has really stuck with me. .
I've always felt like my dreams where just out of reach and believed others when they said it was ...
I gained some weight on Vacation, and I'll be honest, I find I am beating myself up over it
Scrolling through IG feeds I notice a small build, toned, bendy AF yogi in a bikini
"Why ...
Bo-Po Lakiery dla dzieci • Malowanie paznokci • Biedronka • Unboxing i tutorial Bo-Po Lakiery dla dzieci • Malowanie paznokci • Biedronka • Unboxing i tutorial #BoPo #BoPoLakieryDlaDzieci #Unboxing ...
Mbois,Bopo Jaranan Salto"Ganongan" "Turonggo Mulyo"Live Kasembon arian ini bercerita tentang seorang raja "Patih Singo Kumbang". Patih Singo Kumbang memiliki sifat yang keras dan kejam. Namun Patih Singo Kumbang kalah ...
Why I Don't Think I Can Fuck With the BoPo Movement Anymore Hey guys, welcome to my first vlog. Today I'm talking about how I feel about the BoPo movement as it is currently and going forward with my activism. I have ...
TOP 5 FAVE FAT FASHION BOPO THINGS 2016 Thank y'all for sticking with me this year. Here's to hoping 2017 is bigger and brighter than anything we've ever experienced. SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

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