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You eventually don't even realize how ridiculously sweet things are... like your iced-tea that has over 30g of sugar! That's nuts! 🍭You become addicted to it and you keep wanting more! ⠀
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use ur brain! On paper 2014, note 3 2015 iPad Pro 2018 #useyourbrain #ipadpro #ipadproart #procreate #2018 #applepencil #brain #digital #sketch
“Prima dei cervelli non c’erano colori o suoni nell’universo, né c’erano sapori o aromi e probabilmente poco senso e nessuna sensazione o emozione.” #b#brain
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Let’s have @drdavidheber explain us BRAIN HEALTH AND NUTRITION-The brain is nourished by glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids from the diet, but the brain also gets benefits from other plant-based substances called Phytonutrients from foods and supplements. LUTEIN found ...
Wellness Wednesday Tip! Today is the 3rd week of my March Madness Gut and Brain Health series and how they are connected. Organisms in our gut provide signals to our brain 🧠and our brain then sends signals back to our ...
This is a picture of my brother Jim and Mom... so in order to move my parents we had to handle it carefully. My Dad had helped us pick out the place, but had to act like he didn’t ...
FACT: The maths-gender gap is not biological; it’s cultural.
The numbers don’t lie when it comes to this myth. Turns out, there is nothing wrong with the female biology when it comes to mathematics. #smart #smartgirl #math #mathematics #physics #numbers ...
小朋友温書坐唔定,又温到頭昏腦脹😣,諗唔到嘢😔,記唔到嘢😩? 我同我D仔s,如遇到咁嘅情況,都會擴香👃/搽精油,支援我哋大腦嘅運作及精緒。特別係喺温書、做功課、壓力大、緊張焦慮嘅時候…… ⚘雪松、薰衣草、岩蘭草、北極光黑雲杉,都係我一家至愛, 我一家人都係偏緊張的,好啱用✌✌。 如想提神醒腦, 可以用薄荷、檸檬、Brain power啊!

想知道更多點樣用「精油」幫助我哋自己👩👨,你哋嘅小朋友👶👦👧,又或者 「銀髮」👵👴嘅老友記保持或提升頭腦清醒及集中能力嗎? 🌞如有興趣,可隨時留言或者pm我啊! 👇外國報導~~精油如何幫助ADHD 👇🌿🌿日本恐怖醫學,介紹精油如何預防 認知障礙症🌿🌿 👇外國報導~~精油如何幫助認知障礙症

Keys to create a healthy, happy brain:
• Proper sleep
• Exercise
• Nutrition
• Sunlight
• Good friends
According to John Medina in his book Brain Rules.
Would you add something else?
I would definitely add petting ...
Do you enjoy running for a cause?

On April 21st, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation will present the city’s inaugural SpeakUp5k to encourage the community to speak up about issues in a supportive and fun environment designed to shed light ...
Photo Puzzles #50 The Simpsons | Spot the difference Brain Games for Kids | Child Friendly Find the difference Photo Puzzles #50 The Simpsons | Spot the difference Brain Games for Kids | Child Friendly Can you find the difference before the time runs out? A new Spot The Difference...
New wearable brain scanner New, masklike device would help patients with Parkinson's, autism. This wearable brain scanner could transform our understanding of how neurons 'talk'. Learn more:
Brainwaves in motion: A wearable brain scanner Scanning someone's brain using Magnetoencephalography, or MEG, can be tricky. The scanners are currently bulky, one-size-fits-all machines that require you to sit perfectly still inside them....
25 TRICKY RIDDLES TO GEAR UP YOUR BRAIN FOR THE DAY Gear up your brain for the day by solving these tricky riddles :) The first quick quiz questions will let you know how twisted your mind is! 02:17 - a quick and simple eye test, 03:39 - awesome...
This Is How Mikhail Tal's Brain Works! Sac... Sac... Sac... Subscribe to my channel: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mikhail Tal (2555) vs Rico Mascarinas (2400) Lvov...
20 ILLUSION RIDDLES TO SPIN YOUR BRAIN AROUND 😈 These 20 optical illusion riddles will spin your head around and wake you up for the busy day! 01:50 - what month is hidden there? 02:37 - only a true genius can read every word that is written...
The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working...
23 FUN BRAIN GAMES FOR KIDS AND ALL TO WARM UP YOUR MIND Warm up your mind with these easy and fun brain games for kids and all! 01:49 - tricky text riddles with answers to make you smile, 04:18 - can you find all the hidden animals? I failed, they're...
WAIT WHAT - The Brain with Kimora Black and Derrick Barry Subscribe: WAIT, WHAT?! Kimora Black from season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race and Derrick Barry from season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race take...
TEST HOW FAST YOUR BRAIN! CAN YOU SOLVE THESE IN 7 SECONDS? If your brain is fast enough, then you will find all the hidden animals and objects in less than 7 seconds! (I failed). 01:06 - test your intuition and vision, which celebrity is real? 02:24...

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