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SUNDAY RELAX - BRM GF6 Golf collection - Full floating system - Automatic movement #golfcanada #golfontario #golftoronto #brmchronographes #golfwatch #canadawatches #canadafashion #luxurycanada #youareuniquesoisyourbrm
Sunday Brunch, Kootenay Style πŸ₯žπŸ³Cozy cowl sweater by @jana_apparel | Fur vest by @bbdakota | minipack by @herschelsupply
Next up: Temple of Heaven - wooden built with no nails on three levels of marble stone with the most beautiful rose garden!! It's grand, beautiful and serene. Recap on insta story!!
We are back open Sundays 11-3! Get lost after a big shop with our campfire proof mugs by @unitedbyblue
Pic via @unitedbyblue
by @jessolm
Working in Backstage of @Western Canada Fashion Week 2017 Working in Backstage of @Western Canada Fashion Week 2017.
Joli Poli Spring/Summer 2018 @ Western Canada Fashion Week 2017 Joli Poli Spring/Summer 2018 @ Western Canada Fashion Week 2017.
Top Model Search Canada Fashion Show 2017 - Modern Makeup Our coverage of the TMSC Fashion Show that took place on July 7, 2017 at the Edward Village Hotel in Toronto. Official Makeup Supplier: Modern Makeup ...
Teaser Miss World Canada Fashion Show2017 Teaser for Miss Canada Fashion show 2017.
Say Yes To The Dress Canada - Fashion Forward - Season 1 - Episode 3 Fashion forward entourage members hit the sofa to help the brides in their lives find the perfect dress. Lily arrives at the salon with her godmother and Canadian ...
CANADA FASHION FESTIVAL- FASHION SHOW promo COME KICK OFF FASHION WEEK WITH A BANG!!! * Come celebrate diversity through fashion * #fashionweek #Fashionshow #CFF ##designers #runway ...
Vahen Runway β€œWestern Canada Fashion Week” While it's true I am an outgoing and energetic person who loves attention, and have done some crazy things, but I think I even surprised myself, when I ...
Real-Time CANADA HAUL: Beauty & Fashion! | Fleur De Force I was recently in Toronto and was so excited to shop for some Canadian drugstore products! Heres what I got... Find out MORE about my MAC collaboration ...

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