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Forgot to post from Wednesday! Literally the perfect day for a hike with my family! We had perfect cool fall weather and a nice waterfall to end our hike! #petitjeanstatepark #cedarfallstrail
Hiking Rule 101. When you fall land on something soft. Rocks are not soft enough. Yeah that'll leave a mark.
Thank you ladies for the best weekend evaaaa!!! I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better ❤️ #bachelorette #bacheloretteweekend #bachhike #lovethem #blessed #hikingfun #bestgalsever #bridesmaids #couldntaskformore #hockinghills #hockinghillsohio #loganohio #oldmanscave #cedarfallstrail
Traeger Brisket I try my hand at smoking a brisket. Simple Texas style, made with salt and pepper.
This girl right here went all the way up #cedarfallstrail all by herself!! There were a couple moments of hand holding, but the stairs were ALL HER. Look at those knees!! Crawling, climbing, grunting. She was so proud of herself. ...
So amazing... we definitely needed this today. #arkansashike #cedarfallstrail #petitjeanstatepark #waterfall
Sonetimes you need a hike and eachother to clear your head. #petitjeanstatepark #cedarfallstrail #arkansashike #naturetherapy
Cedar Falls Trail - Petit Jean State Park Join me for a great hike to Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park. The trail begins behind the Mather Lodge and is one of the most popular waterfalls in Arkansas.
Petit Jean State Park | cedar falls trail I recommend watching this video in the highest quality (1080p)!!!*** today's adventure: Petit Jean State Park. we explored the Cedar Falls Trail, which features a ...
Cedar Creek 2017 Flora and Fauna along the trail to Cedar Creek Falls, San Diego, Ca.
Petit Jean Mountain Bike Ride: May 25, 2017 What does it look like when a largely blind guy rides a bicycle? About like this lol I shot this entire video with my new Vivitar DVR 794HD action camera (which is ...
cedarCreekFallsHike 2017 friends and family and co-workers from Qualcomm take a hike to Cedar Creek Falls and go swimming in San Diego County.
senior walk | sheridan class of 2017 2nd annual SHS senior walk, in which we journey back to where our educations began in order to hopefully inspire the kids to stay in school and graduate.
Hammock Camping Caney Creek Trail I find a fun spot to hang the Blackbird hammock (next to a small creek) and make chicken-cilantro tacos! The East Caney Creek Trail is located near Mena, ...
Buckeye Mountain & Pizza! A Solo Hammock Camping and trail cooking adventure. Easy pepperoni pizza with a Snow Peak Stove.
#BucketFlip What happens when you combine water bottle flipping and a mini bucket? BucketFlipping! Stary a new trend with #BucketFlip on social media or the comments ...

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