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Sorry it’s not the best I could do to many skills the snow was really ice so it hurt when I tumbled
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gobiex 00 Podré no ser el mejor de los youtuber pero les traigo diversión.
Anime/game: Pokemon red and blue
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I wouldn't change you, even though you hold my head under the covers when you fart.. #charmealeon #dutchoven #bedfart #lizard #cardygoons #funnycards
Pokemon Election day! Who will win charmealeon or Raquaza? YOU DECIDE IN THE COMMENTS! Suscribe and leave a like!
First Video My channel is gonna be mostly roblox.
Pokemon: the murder PART 1 Charmealeon invites his friends and something kills one of them. Who is the killer and why is he doing it? Suscribe and leave a like and any guesses? Leave it in the comments below. Thnx...
Pokemon: old friends Charmealeon sees his old friends! But something happens..... Subscribe and leave a like!
SILLYMANHEHE APPLEBY Its me Carter, head to my channel for fun roblox videos! Please tell me how to make videos of MC.
Pokemon:free flight Charmealeon gets a new plane from Lugia! But some things dont turn good.... Subscribe for more and leave a like Any ideas? Leave it in the comments below.
Legomon-intro Pokemon except made out of Legos. Examples of Finn's 6 creations: Haunter, Richu, Venusaur,Charmealeon, Growlith, and Squirrels.

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Source: abc news - Charmealeon
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