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'Tutti Jelly', 2017. Artist Inge Rijanto focuses largely on the human figure. Her figurative sculptures convey and transform trivialities of everyday life into iconographic material, magnifying human attitudes.
This art piece is available at @elementartspace via @indonesianluxury
why do you insist on lying (min)
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Waves" mixed media, acrylic and oil painting with touch of glitter paint . 100cm x 100 cm x2 cm.
Once you’ve fallen down a Pitcher Plant, escape is futile. The leaves of the pitcher sport downward facing hairs, as well as mucus mixed with rain water, making digestion of prey inevitable. 🌺 “Meet: eating plant”
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One of three new installations created for The Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent @mskgent - the works have moved inside the museum now but you can still see them and others until October 🐌
Green hills.
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