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@Regrann from @eye.on.palestine - 🔵 Many people asked me why Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian worshippers?! .
This video shows how Israeli soldiers was throwing bombs at crowded Palestinian worshippers at on of Al Aqsa gates without any reason ... ...
MJ or LBJ? 🐐 #mj #lebron #goats
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@Regrann from @sunnyside2394 - Israeli forces attack Palestinians at al-Aqsa hours after they celebrated the removal of security measures at the mosque.
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. - #regrann You won't see or hear about this ...
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Donald Trump Reportedly Okayed Scaramucci's Attacks On Reince Priebus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC The war in the White House got public and it got ugly with Anthony Scaramucci's profanity filled interview with one reporter. Is the White House becoming too ...
Donald Trump Employs Chris Christie-Style Bully Politics In Health Bill Push | Rachel Maddow |... Rachel Maddow points out the parallels between the bully tactics at the root of the Bridgegate scandal and the pressure Donald Trump is trying to put on Senator ...
Graham Bill Would Stop Donald Trump From Firing Special Counsel Mueller | The Last Word... Jeff Sessions is speaking out about being under public attack by Trump over the Russia investigation and Lindsey Graham has issued a warning to the president ...
Lawrence: Anthony Scaramucci A Pass-Fail Moment For Donald Trump's Judgment | The Last Word |... Before even officially becoming Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci went on a threatening, vulgar tirade, attacking fellow White House aides and ...
This Is Your Brain On Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC What's the best way to respond to President Trump's style? UC-Berkeley linguist George Lakoff and Ish Entertainment CEO Michael Hirschorn break it down.
Donald Trump's Irrational Justifications for Banning Transgender Military Service | BTB | TMZ Citing health care costs and “distractions” to the armed forces, Donald Trump banned transgender people from military services. But it looks like the facts – and ...
President Donald Trump Should FREE Julian Assange & Scaramucci Rocks President Donald Trump should, in the view of the FULCRUM editorial team, during his first term provide some form of relief for Julian Assange from his lengthy ...
🔴 Federal Reserve Has a Fall Guy in Donald Trump Peter Schiff on RT Book & Bust discussing the Federal Reserve's decision to not raise interest rates. Open your Goldmoney account today: https://www.
What If Donald Trump Was Assassinated? What If Donald Trump Was Assassinated? Would the world be a better place or would there be world wide cause. Watch as we talk about the possibilities of this ...
President Donald Trump honors first responders of congressional shooting The president participates in ceremony to recognize emergency workers from the June 14 shooting that injured Rep. Scalise. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: ...

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