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Two is better than one, especially these #doublepercsβ €
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#seshsupply #propellerperc #orpheus #glassphotography #sciglass #double #waterpipe
PercoTop Double Percs that Waterpipe! PercoTop attaching as a double perc instead of normal mouthpiece the leader in non spill water pipe technology.
Dry Tobacco PercoTop Non Spill Waterpipe Attachment! Setup showing dry herb attachments to the PercoTop 14mm Waterpipe the leader in non spill water pipe technology.
percotop non spill the leader in non spill water pipe technology Don't mistake our unique product with the earlier chubbler design which is used in many other ...
Homemade Bong - Double Dome Perc with Ice Catcher Diffused glass downstem Aquafina bottle base Coke and Ocean Spray for Perc and ice chambers Fuze Bottle tops for domes Sealant: Interior - silicon sealant ...
DOUBLE SHOWER HEAD PERC VAPOR BONG RIP!!!! Here's a quick video of me taking a fat vapor bong rip off the Weed Star Double Bubbler 3.0 with Double shower head percs attached to the Arizer Solo ...

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Source: abc news - Doublepercs