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Two is better than one, especially these #doublepercsβ €
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#seshsupply #propellerperc #orpheus #glassphotography #sciglass #double #waterpipe
Don't Have A Bowl For Your Bong?! Don't Worry, This Video Will Save You An... For those wondering why I am using a bubbler piece, I had bought this bong for $60 dollars without a bowl. I had decided to try this out and it worked out perfect, ...
PercoTop Double Percs that Waterpipe! PercoTop attaching as a double perc instead of normal mouthpiece the leader in non spill water pipe technology.
percotop non spill the leader in non spill water pipe technology Don't mistake our unique product with the earlier chubbler design which is used in many other ...
Homemade Bong - Double Dome Perc with Ice Catcher Diffused glass downstem Aquafina bottle base Coke and Ocean Spray for Perc and ice chambers Fuze Bottle tops for domes Sealant: Interior - silicon sealant ...
Double showerhead perc milk shot!!!!! In this video i show a up close looke at my doubke shower head perc bong and the awsome function and fusion on the percs. Super milk shit.
Dry Dabs!! ( NO WATER DABS) This video is for 18 and over adults only** **Medical Cannabis patient** In this one i bust down on some dry dabs, meaning rigs with no water!! this one was ...

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